Snaidero’s Aria kitchen (Design Pininfarina) has won the 2016 Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture

Snaidero‘s Aria kitchen (Design Pininfarina) has won the 2016 Good Design Award, a prestigious international tribute from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture which singles out outstanding designers and manufacturers who have come up with innovative concepts or original ideas which go beyond normal product and design standards. This is Snaidero’s thirteenth time: a magnificent achievement which rests on its long-standing ability to connect originality, creativity, fine workmanship and a forward-thinking industrial approach.


“We are really delighted with this award,” were the words of Edi Snaidero, Chairman and CEO of the Snaidero Group. “Attaining the Good Design Award for the thirteenth time proves yet again that our Company is not only a major player in Italy, but also abroad. Snaidero is a pathfinder in the world of design and technological innovation. This is quality which is increasingly associated with us, as is born witness to by another two awards we have obtained over the past few months: a special mention at the German Design Award 2017 for Loft, and the Design Awards – Best Object of the Year organised by Elle Decor Russia for our Kelly Look kitchens. This capacity to turn out pioneering designs every single year confirms that the investments we have unrelentingly poured into research and development have been worthwhile. This is what makes us different worldwide and it is why people have come to identify us as a yardstick for quality, design and innovation in the kitchen realm”.

Aria is a kitchen prototype which was actually presented in 2016 at the Eurocucina trade show. More than a project, it is a trailblazer in the field of kitchen design. Innovation at its best, Aria successfully bridges the gap between style and technology: sleek lines – an unmistakeable hallmark of Pininfarina projects – repose on unique technological solutions developed from experience in the nautical and automobile sector. Snaidero’s vocation for experimentation and the exploration of new horizons has come to the fore once again. The kitchen doors have undergone a special Polysil coating treatment made with nano-molecules. It makes them cool and velvety to the touch, but it also provides them with supreme properties: scratchproof, dirt-repellent and anti-fingerprint. But the real headturning detail is the lamp ring which lights the work area from above: made from polycarbonate with an innovative rapid prototyping method based on 3D printing technology, it uses a led lighting system with low energy consumption. Aria is light years ahead of the rest.

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