Snaidero is all about smart designer kitchens that are intelligent and have the timeless appeal

Snaidero has always believed in “Future is Intelligence”, and all of its design creations have been a constant corroboration of a “smart, interactive Kitchen that redesigns the space around with its relational intelligence.” At Snaidero, you get the best of both worlds – in short, a smart, designer Italian kitchen that is a perfect fit for your aesthetics.

In these times where new ways of interpreting spaces in one’s home are more the norm than the exception, there is a growing desire for harmonization and intelligent optimization. The eagerness of becoming smart – in turn, informs the different categories that are closely linked to the world of design and manufacturing: space and time, ecology and economy. It is the age of furniture that is easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble, based on requirements or taste.

Thanks to intelligent solutions, excellent flexibility, and quality of design, kitchen spaces designed by Snaidero have been pioneers in the space, literally. Combined with its competitive benchmarks in terms of quality and accessible in terms of cost, Snaidero kitchen designs have a “smart” identity, in other words, they are equipped with relational intelligence as well as a comfortable design. These are the principles behind the new kitchens on offer to the public now and in the future: WayOperaLoftIdeaCodeOla 25Gioconda, Look. All of which are smart designs because they are intrinsically able to respond to the most contemporary expectations of quality, life, aesthetics, and technology, right from the design stage. They are also all provided as standard with a potential for customization and accessibility that has never been seen before.

The concept of the “smart kitchen” for Snaidero is linked to two aspects. The first is maximum freedom given to each compositional element to encourage and enhance the creativity, the taste and functional requirements of the user, both at the design stage and then during daily use. The second aspect, however, concerns the complex subject of the flexible and functional use of the kitchen space, above all with respect to small spaces. We are convinced that in a smart kitchen all the various requirements relate to one another and can find their perfect balance, which is always dynamic. In the end, it is always about renovating and expanding, using new knowledge and new possibilities, the still extremely valid concept of “design for all”. Or in other words, Snaidero designer kitchens are created “for life”.

Snaidero, ‘la Dolce Vita’ in your own kitchen

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