At Pure Nature on your Modern Kitchentop

The worktop is the defining element of a modern kitchen‘s comfort. However, owing to its frequent use, most subject to wear during everyday activities. Our grandmothers taught us that marble and granite are excellent materials for this environment, thanks to their practicality and resistance. Granite is pure nature, each worktop is unique and different. This exclusive and hardy stone is capable of withstanding heat and has a compact, uniform structure with high chemical inertness.


Granite is an extremely resistant stone: unsurprisingly, therefore, it is ranked second on the Mohs scale—which measures the hardness of all types of materials—just behind the diamond. This denotes the durability of the product which can optimally withstand the impact of external agents.

Snaidero’s Solutions

ANTIQUE BROWN, a dark brown African granite tending to black, featuring a large grain size with jagged edges and light, brilliant color shades that seem to add a three-dimensional quality to the surface (available with polished and honed finish);

COFFEE BROWN, a dark brown Asian granite featuring a medium-large grain size with variable dimensions, with alternating brown-reddish grain on a dark-black background yielding a surface with a highly original color (available with polished and honed finish);

LABRADOR ANTIQUE, a relatively light brown Northern European granite, featuring medium grain size with variable dimensions, with alternating light brown and hazelnut grain enriched by the presence of iridescent grains with metallic blue reflections – a typical feature of these granites (available with polished and flamed-brushed finish);

ABSOLUTE BLACK, a black African granite with fine grain size blending dark grey and black, creating a uniform and elegant appearance (available with polished, flamed-brushed and honed finish);


The granite worktops of our kitchens all feature high chemical inertness and, therefore, are highly resistant to stains. However, colored liquids or potentially aggressive liquids such as oil, vinegar, fruit juices, and coffee should be removed quickly, as they may stain or dull the surface. The same applies to chemical products used for cleaning.

Cleaning & Maintenance

For daily cleaning requirements, a microfibre cloth and neutral detergents are sufficient. For cleaning stubborn dirt, avoid using detergents containing acidic or anti-limescale substances: use moderately rough steel wool instead.

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