70 Years of Snaidero

Snaidero celebrates its 70th anniversary and inaugurates #Snaidero70, a year filled with events and initiatives narrating the story of a brand that has made Italian design history.

“Yesterday’s future is the dynamic present of today’ commented Edi, Snaidero’s Chairman, ‘and this achievement is an occasion for us to recall those significant moments that have shaped our history, without losing sight of the challenges lying ahead. Ours has always been a company with a far-sighted approach that has defined trends and styles, and experimented with materials and forms which have forged the identity of a brand appreciated worldwide for its authenticity, quality and distinct character.”

Snaidero, the quintessential Italian kitchen and icon of authentic Italian design worldwide, turns 70: doesn’t look the age, though it’s true. An anniversary to remember and celebrate, because a brand’s longevity is a tangible sign that a company and its products have been able to convey value over time.

Snaidero’s beginnings are rooted in Majano (Udine) in January 1946, when the founder, Rino Snaidero​, – an upstanding man from Friuli and a true pioneer of Italy’s reconstruction, – chose to take up the challenge of his era in what would become the test of his life. A test based on intelligence of mind and hands: essentially, on work. Through its incessant activity, the brand would become among the first to inaugurate the signature design era, ever since the 1960s, by establishing relations with leading figures of Italian design – including Mangiarotti, Gae Aulenti, Offredi and the prestigious Pininfarina and Iosa Ghini studios. Over the years, the drawing boards of these renowned designers have yielded projects of refined beauty, worthy of being showcased – as in the case of the Spazio Vivo kitchen – at MoMA in New York, the international cradle of avant-garde. After all, experimentation has always been second nature to Snaidero – in terms of both design and the search for new materials. An example of this is Snaidero’s pioneering use of the curve – a symbol of positive and encouraging thinking – in kitchen design; it was among the first companies to experiment design techniques based on Universal Design, with the Skyline project, affording people the opportunity to move freely within their domestic spaces. In its tireless activity, Snaidero continues to innovate by responding to a highly complex market with collections and solutions that appeal to different tastes, thanks to transversal styles, languages and options.

#Snaidero70 is a voyage through time based on a series of initiatives scheduled for 2016: a commemorative exhibition to be held at the company, made possible thanks to long and meticulous research through archives that unearthed images, words, drawings and records of the brand’s history. In addition, the work reveals an astonishing slice of Italy’s history. #70annidiSnaidero also promises to be a complex digital communication project, with special contents, stories and interviews with people who’ve lived through the various eras. To further underline the brand’s modernity, the project will embrace a multi-channel approach encompassing all the new social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.


70 years of Snaidero : An Overview

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