“Simplification above all else.”

Arosio’s design process aims to achieve truly ‘smart’ kitchens that are easy to configure and customize and have very tangible functional qualities.

His first designs for Snaidero, ‘Board’ and ‘Lux’, introduced in 2012, follow this philosophy to a tee. ‘Board’ is a well-researched industrial response to a very evident evolution in the construction of contemporary homes.

“I consider a modern kitchen to be ‘smart’ when it is able to elegantly interact with the reality for which it has been designed and manufactured. These two qualities are always connected, when we consider that elegance is not just about looks but also about the sobriety, grace, and style with which the design is able to adapt to different usage scenarios.”

‘Board’ responds to this challenge by offering heightened modularity and versatility. It is a kitchen that can morph into something new in the face of changes in space and use and can therefore grow and change with its users.

Designs By Pietro Arosio For Snaidero Cucine

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