“I design an object by imagining it in terms of a concept of ‘full’ architecture, in which the outer surface is seen more as a shell than as a membrane. This gives rise to projects based on tradition, which are also indisputably contemporary due to their strong fluidity.”


During the course of his brilliant career, Massimo Iosa Ghini (Bologna 1959) has developed his own specific and highly recognizable style. He applies his concept of ‘full’ architecture to all his projects. While tradition inspires his designs, they are also indisputably contemporary due to their strong spatial fluidity.

Massimo Iosa collaborated with Snaidero in 2000, designing the elegant kitchen ‘Gioconda’. He continued to explore new design approaches with us, leading to some truly experimental works such as the ‘Frame’, ‘Kelly’ and ‘Fluida’ kitchens. The name of his first design ‘Gioconda’ (Mona Lisa), would seem to testify to a clear decision to evoke one of the most classical and universally-recognizable Italian work of art. Iosa Ghini conceives the space as it truly is, both functionally and emotionally, the place at home where we most want to spend time with our family.

Designs By Iosa Ghini For Snaidero Cucine

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