Presenting our latest WAY kitchen installation at a villa in Dubai. This WAY Kitchen features the sleek and linear Orion Grey Legrabox and the functional Carcass cabinets in Nabiti Eucalyptus high gloss laminate finish. It unveils a striking contrast to the Arctic White wall panels making a bold statement and redefining the essence of clean aesthetics.

The Cosentino Middle East worktop in Silestone Arden Blue volcano finish gracefully blends with the sophisticated kitchen appliances from Siemens and the spectacular cabinets that offer ample of storage space.

With a minimalistic approach in mind and modest use of decorative elements, the WAY design is also embellished with the central island, an ideal space to cook and spend quality time with family and friends.


WAY represents a clean and straightforward architectural design.

The artistic blend of volumes and the modularity of the units are enhanced by a simple approach to its design elements. The main characteristic of this project is its impressively naturally graceful presence.

WAY indulges in wood finishes that have a refined presence in this kitchen design. It offers a wide variety of colours and manufacturing technologies, ranging from lacquered and metalized lacquered solutions to the innovative and exclusive mica lacquering, which gives surfaces an extremely durable and rich looking aesthetic. It also provides a wide range of doors to choose from in different colours and finishes to modify your space into a fully modern kitchenette abode.

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