Vision Kitchen

At Emirates Hills

Vision kitchen is known for its distinct visual identity that is carried out across multiple details, echoing through time and space. This unique identity gives it a flowing and dynamic character by devising stylistic symmetries.

Snaidero UAE proudly announces another magnificent kitchen installation at a luxurious villa in Emirates hills, Dubai. Its world-class kitchen elements include Silestone (by Cosentino Middle East) worktop in extreme white finish. Island Vision table is in matt black Quartz finish that perfectly blends with the overall grandeur of this kitchen. Matt Lacquer kitchen cabinets in black colour further intensify this kitchen design.

Appliances Courtesy

snaidero appliances in frame kitchen


About Vision

Vision kitchen design perfectly binds the elegance of Snaidero and the racing spirit of Pininfarina together. The fluid lines of Vision evoke person-centered ergonomics, pure emotion. Its soft outline reveals personality in the inter-flow of perfect symmetrical geometries, evoking a primordial image of shelter. This kitchen design concept encapsulates the modern urge for fluid domestic spaces, with surfaces that flow and materials that immediately convey a sense of purity and sensuousness.

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