Lux Snaidero Kitchen UAE

Lux Classic

A Pietro Arosio Design

As homeowners, we are looking more and more to create living spaces that can nurture our senses and help us relax. Enter Lux Classic, a modern kitchen cabinetry line designed to make us feel an intimate connection with one of nature’s most soothing materials: wood.

lux gallery Snaidero Kitchen UAE
lux gallery Snaidero Kitchen UAE

Pietro Arosio

Arosio’s first designs for Snaidero, ‘Board’ and ‘Lux’, both introduced in 2012 aim to achieve truly ‘smart’ kitchens that are easy to configure and customize and have very tangible functional qualities. ’Board’ is a well-researched industrial response to a very evident evolution in the construction of contemporary homes. The tendency is now to create small environments built out of shared and ‘free-flowing’ spaces.

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