Anderucci & Hoisl Design

Dedicated to those who are ready for a revolution of the traditional idea of home space: LINK in one word is connection. There are no spaces dedicated to a specific activity, every element flows continuously while celebrating the uniqueness of the project.
548 x 488
548 × 488

Perfect Geometrical Lines

Available in Super Matt Lacquer & Matte Micalized Lacquer finishes, Link is a simple, linear project. It reorganises the work areas to provide the entire surface with maximum functionality, focusing particularly on the space between the base and wall units. A space where you can experiment and share, where aesthetics go hand in hand with practicality, reconfirming its style promise every day.


Andreucci & Hoisl have been collaborating since 2004. The duo first partnered with Snaidero to develop the company’s new advanced line of kitchen accessories, Passepartout. In 2018, Andreucci and Hoisl debuted their first kitchen project together with Snaidero at Eurocucina in Milan, Italy – LINK.
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