A Pininfarina Design

Vision, where art meets science to deliver a kitchen experience like never before. A mark of perfect geometry with the design concept that encapsulates the modern urge for fluid domestic spaces, with surfaces that flow and materials that immediately convey a sense of purity and sensuousness.

This Pininfarnia design is a pure emotion born from innovation. The design successfully balances the harmony among the different components: the architectural space, the furnishings, the quality of the materials and finishes making the space a beautiful sensation.


Paolo Pininfarina

Pininfarina’s approach to domestic design is truly distinctive. It tends to take a broad approach that aims to communicate a profound sense of innovation, in terms of both the formal and functional aspects of the kitchen. A design approach that does not follow fashion, but instead anticipates it. An approach with formal implications that are both complex and essential at the same time, with no frills and always up-to-date with the most modern technologies available.
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