Skyline 2.0

Skyline 2.0

A Lucci & Orlandini Design

Skyline 2.0 is a modern kitchen design that is ‘measured to your horizon’, orienting itself to fit the natural logic of your gestures, in a very different way. Its innovative design breaks free of conventional schemes without compromising on comfort and functionality, rather, enhancing both, even further.

Simplicity And Lightness

Skyline adapts itself to your body and facilitates your gestures, with shaped worktops and work areas with glass shelves equipped with built-in lighting.

Lucci & Orlandini

The collaboration between Lucci & Orlandini with Snaidero has led to some of the company’s most successful kitchens like ‘Sistema ES’ (2001), winner of the ‘Grand Prix de l’Innovation Design’ awarded by ‘Foire de Paris’, ‘Time’ (2002), winner of the ‘Good Design Award 2003’ awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum, ‘Skyline’ (2004), ‘Panoramica’ (2004), ‘Florence’ (2006) and ‘Forma’ (2008). These are also among the projects that best represent Snaidero’s modern kitchen design philosophy.
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