An Iosa Ghini Design

Kelly is not a kitchen to pass unnoticed. A lush and chic design, endowed with modern sleekness, bearing homage to time-honoured classic furniture. It rests confidently on the traditional mainstays of European furniture traditions, benefiting from a sultry sophistication of Mediterranean grace evident from the meticulous attention given to details associated with old Italian craftsmanship.

Charm Meets Practicality

Kelly is a marriage between old charm and modern practicality. The cupboard area with open glass units, embody some of the fixtures from the new Passepartout collection by Snaidero. The central work island also offers plenty of room for cutting, chopping and mixing, or for chatting, nibbling and sipping. The countertop also doubles up as a handy snack area.

Iosa Ghini

Massimo Iosa Ghini collaborated with Snaidero in 2000, designing the elegant kitchen ‘Gioconda’. He continued to explore and discover new design approaches with Snaidero, leading to some truly experimental works such as the Fluida, Key West, and E-Wood kitchens.
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