An Iosa Ghini Design

Cozy and modern, Heritage fills the kitchen space with warmth and comfort, turning it into an ideal gathering place for your family. Space which is not only a room for cooking and eating but also a restful sanctuary imbued with fond memories, where your senses regal with superbly molded natural surfaces. The exclusive elm wood framed doors are a clever combination of traditional design and fine modern cabinetry techniques.


The Glamour Of Wood

Wood grabs all the glory in a Heritage kitchen evident from the handleless framed door in elm wood with channeled ledges. It is natural, sensual, tactile and bangs up to date with sober elegance. The top end of the market has a preference for this exceptional cabinetry design with unique style details which retain the warmth and quality of classic furniture without disdaining recent trends. Heritage effortlessly unites classic icons with a modern pithiness.



Massimo Iosa Ghini collaborated with Snaidero in 2000, designing the elegant kitchen ‘Gioconda’. He continued to explore and discover new design approaches with Snaidero, leading to some truly experimental works such as the Fluida, Key West, and E-Wood kitchens.
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