A Pietro Arosio Design

Contemporary living trends call for compact, shared spaces that are bright and open, freely configured interiors with no functional constraints, and new levels of environmental quality. Snaidero’s Board is a modern kitchen design that complies with these new aesthetic and functional requirements: a flexible and highly customizable solution that can adjust to any space.

A Modern Kitchen For Modern Living

The project stems from the profound reflection imposed on the company by the radical changes in living needs: as a result, the design research began to focus on more accessible solutions that are easier to design, customise, purchase and inhabit.

Pietro Arosio

Arosio’s first designs for Snaidero, ‘Board’ and ‘Lux’, both introduced in 2012 aim to achieve truly ‘smart’ kitchens that are easy to configure and customize and have very tangible functional qualities. ’Board’ is a well-researched industrial response to a very evident evolution in the construction of contemporary homes. The tendency is now to create small environments built out of shared and ‘free-flowing’ spaces.
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