What you need to know about your Kitchen Renovation

There is a saying that “Kitchen is the heart of the home.” The role of the kitchen has grown manifold as it has been elevated to become the buzz of activity in modern times. This requires the kitchen to be renovated and modernized to make it more accessible and social than ever before. While kitchen renovation in today’s times does not last as long as earlier days; the process is still complex. With careful planning and following these basic steps can safeguard you against costly mistakes and common pitfalls while carrying out a kitchen renovation in Dubai.

kitchen renovation

  • Set a budget – A lot of things look great and the market is flooded with amazing concepts and kitchen renovation ideas; however, a lot of times it simply boils down to how much you wish to spend. Do not get daunted by the idea if you do not have a grasp of the technicalities and contact kitchen renovators who can assist you in getting a realistic estimate. Another word of caution is to keep a small contingency fund that you can even invest in the project towards completion. You can also ask the renovators to submit quotes although a lot depends on your choices.
  • Study the layout – Get a good idea of the current layout of your kitchen and the new layout that you would like to install. You can still go ahead and change the location of different ‘modules’ such as stoves, shelves, cabinets, worktops and many more according to the kitchen remodel ideas. This way you can make the optimum use of the available space and also build on top of the current electrical and plumbing system to result in substantial savings in cost.
  • Choose a Glocal designer – Several kitchen renovators in Dubai also operate outside of UAE. You get the benefit of international designs and the know-how of the local environment. For example, choosing a provider such as Snaidero Kitchens, you can get access to the best Luxury Italian Kitchen designs and their extensive work experience doing kitchen renovations in Dubai.
  • Choose the right flooring – As good as it may look, some of the great looking flooring options are not suitable for the kitchen and may turn hazardous. Do remember that highly smooth surfaces may cause a slip and fall especially since the kitchen also experiences water and cooking oil spills at times. Do not compromise on the safety and function of the kitchen when going for a kitchen makeover.
  • Get the right lighting – You can experiment with a lot of lighting to get the desired look. This means that you may go beyond just one big main light of the traditional light and have dedicated lighting fitted in cabinets. Although it may look like an unnecessary expense, you will thank yourself later for choosing the extra lights.
  • Schedule everything – Create a schedule of various work to take place and make sure all work gets finished on time. If you are choosing a company such as Snaidero Kitchens which carries out project-based kitchen renovations in UAE, you can rest easy as all else is handled expertly by us. Do remember to make alternate arrangements to cook while the renovation project is underway.

kitchen renovation in dubai

With the Snaidero kitchen renovation guide, you can cut down your expenses and stress as our experts advise you on every step of the project to make the right decision. Call us today at +971 42944803 so that we can assist you with your kitchen redesign project and present our best designs for you to choose from.

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