What is an Open Space Kitchen and is it
Right for Your Home?

Out of the many attractive modern kitchen layouts, one that has come to perfectly symbolize the social evolution of the kitchen as the heart of the home is the open space kitchen. The open space kitchen concept is one of the best things that have come up in recent years for the homeowners who are looking for improving the functionality and look of their kitchen. The new-age open space kitchen ideas are perfect for people who spend a lot of time, attention, and money into remodeling their kitchen and want to showcase it to their guests in a more prominent way. Let us understand the basics of open space kitchen designs and how can we determine if they are the right layout for our home.

open space kitchen

What is an open space kitchen?

The open kitchen design merges the kitchen with a room that is adjacent to the kitchen. Usually, that is the living room or the dining room which provides some extra space to the kitchen. It also means that the kitchen has a maximum of three walls and opens to the house from at least one side. This design relies heavily on the aesthetics of the kitchen and also uses clever design elements such as a kitchen island and dining area to mark where the living room ends and the kitchen begins. You can also add some additional elements such as a brightly colored rug or different flooring to identify the kitchen space. The open space kitchen allows for the appearance of a bigger space than an individual living or dining room and kitchen. Some additional considerations to keep in mind are that the design and color of the kitchen and the living space have to match in an open kitchen so that it does not look out of place.

Is the open kitchen design going to work for my home?

The best open space kitchen design can be executed in most of the homes safely while keeping the original structure of the kitchen more or less intact. Here are the top reasons why you should be choosing an open kitchen design for your home:

  • The lighting and ventilation are easier to maintain in an open kitchen, due to the design. The absence of walls allows you to leverage the lighting of the living room to add to the illumination. The lesser dark nooks and corners mean that the attractive open space kitchen looks a lot brighter and prettier.
  • The social involvement of the person who is cooking is not compromised as they can be involved in the discussions and talks. For facilitating this aspect even better, you can add seating close to the kitchen or even at the kitchen island through space-saving furniture such as bar stools so that your guests can sit closer to the attractive open space kitchen.
  • Your home looks bigger and more aesthetically appealing. This is especially true if you are going for a stylish open space kitchen such as modular kitchen design.
  • If you are cooking and have kids who need supervision, you can easily keep an eye out on the children. You can even watch television or entertain visitors without leaving your kitchen.

open space kitchen design

There are several open space kitchen for Dubai homes that can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen and home. If you too want to see how can this design help you in designing or renovating your kitchen, give us a call at Snaidero Kitchen Design on our number, +97142944803, and let our consultants help you make the best decision.

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