What If There Is No Pantry Space In Your Kitchen?

Are you the kind of person who likes cooking a lot? Are you the one who prefers inviting people often to your home so that you can cook some nice food? Well, that also means you want a perfect kitchen with lots of storage space, right? What about the ones who love cooking and spending time in the kitchen but often feel sad about the fact that they don’t have a lot of space for storage in the kitchen? If you also fall into that category, there is no need to worry at all.

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The kitchen pantry space is one of the areas that is mostly used for storing groceries. if your kitchen is missing out on that option, here are some ideas for you.

Overhead Cabinets

One of the best pantry ideas for small kitchens is the overhead cabinets. If there is space above the cabinets in your kitchen, you must use that for storage purposes. It is up to you whether you want to make boxes and mount them on the wall or you want to get shelves for that space. Both the options work fine and will serve the purpose. All that you need to be careful while having shelves for storage is that you have to be super-organized so that the kitchen looks nice.

Feature Containers

As the kitchen pantry design ideas are concerned, we can even consider containers. This will surely not look like a pantry but is good enough to store groceries. And if there is bench space in your kitchen, you can get beautiful containers that look the same and use them for storing all the important stuff in your kitchen. The only thing that you need to be careful about is choosing the right containers that look classy.


Have you ever thought that a rolling trolley can be a great idea for storage in the kitchen? Well, if you have a problem with space in your kitchen, get a nice rolling trolley and put the things in it for storage. You will not regret choosing the idea. You can choose the size of the trolley as per the space in your kitchen and of course your need.


An amazing alternate idea to the kitchen pantry is storing the groceries and food products in the drawers. This idea is especially good for people who have lots of drawers in the kitchen but no pantry. You can either get organizers for the drawers or just keep containers as per the size of the drawer. However, place the containers in a way that you can very easily see the items you have kept there.

Small Bookshelf

If you have a small bookshelf that is not in use, you can bring it to the kitchen and use it for storage purposes. This will save you from spending any extra money and can be a great space for storage.

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