5 Ways to Create an Open Bar Kitchen in Dubai Homes in 2021

There are several areas in your house where you can entertain guests, and thanks to the beautiful modern designs with the reimagining of home design concepts, the kitchen has been added to the list. The kitchens have become a symbol of hospitality and finesse with equal parts function and aesthetics. One of the features that are often added to modern kitchens is the open bar kitchen. The design is popular due to the changing in the dining habits of the people with the consideration in mind that the dining space in many homes is less used and people prefer a casual dining place adjoining the kitchen. At the basic level, the breakfast bar is just a designated area that has been designed keeping dining facilities in mind with seating arrangement and appropriate height. Many open bar kitchen design trends provide us with ready insight into how best can we add a breakfast bar to an existing or upcoming kitchen design. Here are the best ones:

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  • Breakfast Bar at Windowsill – The windowsill in your kitchen can be a great place to have a bar installed which can create an amazing dining space for your family. The biggest benefit of this best open bar kitchen idea is the flooding natural light which can add a great view to enjoy with your meals. Just ensure to get the bar stools or chairs of the right height since the height of the bar are fixed by the windowsill height already.
  • Kitchen Bar with Cut-in Wall – A wall-cutout is a great way to convert the closed kitchen into a semi-open kitchen without completely removing the wall. All you need is to remove a rectangular section in the wall and use the opening to install a counter. You can then add some seating to make it a great breakfast bar setup. It is also easier on the building than removing the wall completely however needs careful planning and proper execution.
  • Bar with Kitchen Counters – By extending your kitchen counter from a corner wall and installing support in form of a stand or wall, you can have yourself an inexpensive kitchen bar. It is also an attractive open bar kitchen idea since the theme of the counter can be extended to the bar counter with a consistent design.
  • Breakfast Bar with Kitchen Island – This luxury open bar kitchen idea is perfect for bigger kitchens that have a kitchen island. The bar can be slightly elevated to mark it as a dining space as well as avoid spillage on the bar counter. Tall stools are often added to this design for comfortable seating and enabling movement around the kitchen.
  • Open Bar with Trolley – Another choice that is not as popular as other designs involve a trolley which can be pulled out of the drawer space and can be moved around for a flexible setup.

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