Kitchen Layout: Various Kitchen Designs to Make the
most of your Kitchen Space

Designing a kitchen involves a lot more than randomly placing the various pieces together. Just like every other part of your home, it deserves careful consideration and kitchen design planning which helps you make the most out of the place. The idea of kitchen layouts is to study the existing structure of the kitchen and look at what alterations can be done to fully utilize the space for best aesthetics and functionality. Here are the best kitchen layout design ideas that you can adopt when renovating or redesigning your kitchen.

kitchen layout

  • Single-wall kitchen – This is one of the best kitchen layouts that you can use for smaller flats or apartments where you usually don’t have a separate kitchen. Taking one of the walls as the base, various appliances, cupboards, shelves, and counters with sink are added to make a single wall kitchen layout. Since space is limited and all appliances are arranged linearly, the homeowner needs to be very picky about what to add to their kitchen. You can make the over-the-counter cupboards go all the way to the roof, or use the space above the cupboards to store items in wicker baskets for some extra storage space with aesthetics.
  • L Shaped kitchen – This is one of the most common as well as being one of the most attractive kitchen layouts that can be applied in a variety of kitchens. The design simply makes an L where two arms of the kitchen are joined at a 90-degree angle. It doubles the space of the single-walled kitchen effectively. For taking maximum benefits of the corner space, a design like Lazy Susan can be used in the cupboards. You can even add a dining table here for a functional dining space.
  • Parallel or Galley kitchen – This design is great for utilizing the space on two parallel walls making a Galley with two separate counters facing each other. This design is great to add extra space if your single-wall kitchen is facing an empty wall leading to a balcony or a utility space. For a functional design place the sink, refrigerator, and hob equidistant to one another while maintaining a distance of at least 3 feet.
  • U Shaped kitchen – This is one of the best kitchen layout designs when you are renovating a traditional kitchen which was built into a separate room or nook. This has three continuous walls which can be used to mount counters. This is the perfect layout when you need to accommodate multiple people working at a time. You can mount cupboards on the wall which can run along with the entire room, or mount on two walls and have open shelves on the center wall.

kitchen layout design

You can add an island to the L shaped and U shaped kitchen easily for extra working and storage space. It also helps to fill the blank space that would be otherwise left empty. For some of the best modern kitchen layouts in Dubai, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Design. The Snaidero kitchen layouts can be customized based on your available space and transform it to give it a sleek and modern looks. For booking a quick consultation to upgrade your kitchen, get in touch with our consultants at +971 42944803.

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