Trending Tips for Designing Modular Kitchens in Dubai

Many people wish to have a modular kitchen installed in their home when they are building or designing a house. Even when you are renovating a kitchen, installing a modular kitchen makes a lot of sense due to the many benefits that it has. The modular kitchen designs can help in keeping your kitchen looking organized due to their smart storage capacity. They are also easier to install and maintain which brings down the time spent in the renovation and design while providing longer durability. Along with the above benefits, some attractive modular kitchen designs can make your kitchen look stylish and sleek. If you too want to benefit from these ideas and go for a modular kitchen when it comes to your kitchen design, here are some top modular kitchen design tips to give your kitchen a new identity:

modular kitchen design

  • Choose the right layout – Based on the available space in your kitchen, you can choose the layout that fits your needs. If you are cramped for space, you can go for a single wall kitchen which is a popular modular kitchen layout for the studio apartments. If you have more space, you can decide between the Galley kitchen, U shaped kitchen, L shaped kitchen, Open Kitchen, Kitchen with island, and many other layouts. Based on your layout you can determine the storage space, equipment, and which modules can help you get the ideal luxury modular kitchen design.
  • Identify the work triangle – No matter which layout you choose for your kitchen, you should work to identify the kitchen triangle. In simple terms, the work triangle, also called the kitchen triangle is the triangle that is formed with the ends on the hob, the sink, and the refrigerator. This is one of the best modular kitchen design ideas, which enables the ease of usage of the kitchen and helps in maintaining proper workflow. Based on the placement of these, you can decide on placing the cabinets, drawers, and other modules based on that.
  • Counter-top height – One of the key benefits of going for a modular kitchen design is the high level of customization that becomes possible. Invest some time in choosing the height of the counter-top so that you can easily work without straining yourself. It is also a good idea to keep other counters at the same height.
  • Choose the colors and finishes – Choose the finish as well as the color of the work surfaces to create a cohesive theme. These days there are some great surfaces such as engineered stone, metal, laminate, engineered wood, and many more which can be deployed to create a signature look.
  • Determine the lighting – Since you will be spending a lot of time working in the kitchen, it is important to maintain the functionality of the kitchen by choosing the right lighting. Ensure to have enough overhead lighting so that no dark corners are making your kitchen look dull. If you have glass door cabinets you can also install lights inside to create a brighter look.

modular kitchen design

With these best modular kitchen design tips, you can be sure to cover the most important parts of your modular kitchen design. If you are looking for some greater modular kitchen design tips in Dubai, be sure to consult with Snaidero Kitchen Design. You can book a consultation with us at +971 42944803 to advise you about implementing some great modular kitchen ideas.

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