Traditional Style Kitchen Design Ideas
with Modern Touch

Traditional kitchens have always had a warm and intimate charm that might be difficult to achieve with modern kitchen designs. Yet it is equally important to have the modern amenities that have been introduced in the past few decades as a part of your dream kitchen. No matter whether you are trying to modernize a traditional kitchen or adding traditional kitchen designs to your modern kitchen, there are a few ideas that can help you get the best of both these worlds. These kitchen design ideas are traditional in look and feel yet are equipped with modern equipment, concepts, and designs that extend their utility. Here are the best traditional kitchen design ideas that have been reimagined in their modern avatar.

kitchen design ideas

  • Stone flooring – Stone flooring is one of the elements of a traditional kitchen that can still be relevant in every modern kitchen. It can also provide a feel of old-world luxury to the kitchen that will forever be in style. Do ensure to limit the stone design to subtle colors and use a maximum of three colors to ensure a classy and luxurious feel.
  • Traditional rug – Being in Dubai, you have no dearth of stylish rugs that are famous all over the world. A traditional rug can be a great addition to your kitchen as a unique kitchen design idea. Just steer clear of areas with a lot of water and you should be able to create a great sustainable look for your kitchen. If you have an open-plan kitchen, you can utilize the Rug to demarcate your kitchen from the rest of the house.
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  • Wooden and glass cabinets – Raised penal wooden cabinets to provide plenty of warmth to the kitchen which has a great old-world feel. The best part is that they do not take away anything from the utility of the kitchen and instead wooden cabinets can be very sturdy if properly maintained. You can add some ribbed or frosted glass to the cabinet to make them more attractive. Add brass handles to the cabinets to create a great antique look.
  • Wooden or wrought iron chairs – A part of creating a good traditional look and feel of the kitchen includes planning the furniture. When it comes to adding chairs to your breakfast bar you can go for traditional furniture choices such as wood or wrought iron to accentuate the old-world element of the kitchen. Try to minimize the usage of plastic as much as you can remove any traces of modernity.
  • Ornate pendent lighting or chandeliers – Pendant lights are an integral part of modern kitchens but if you are going for an old-world look, you can easily opt for an ornate pendent light. Another worthy replacement can be a mini chandelier fitted with modern lighting options which is an attractive kitchen design idea.

kitchen design ideas

Apart from these most used kitchen design ideas, you can find plenty of other ideas by consulting a professional kitchen designer. If you are in Dubai, going to Snaidero Kitchen Designs should be a great starting point. You can reach them at +97142944803 and book a quick consultation to explore more design options that look traditional but are completely contemporary.

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