Top Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends in Dubai

Kitchen cabinet design is one of the most important parts of designing your dream kitchen for both aesthetic as well as functional reasons. An attractive kitchen cabinet design can provide every kitchen a much-needed facelift while doing wonders with the available space. The kitchen cabinets are also a cornerstone of the modular kitchen design due to the great variety of variations of setups possible in it. Kitchen cabinets have evolved to have more and more creative storage spaces and with the minimalist kitchen design being prominently used, the kitchen cabinets have the important job of keeping the clutter away from the visual space. Here we have discussed the best kitchen cabinet design that can be referred by homeowners to gather some ideas while envisioning their very own kitchen cabinets.

kitchen design trends

  • Appliances with Cabinet Panels – As a growing trend, the cabinets now have plenty of scope for stowing away the appliances inside of them. While this can be done by integrating the smaller appliances such as toasters and coffee makers in the existing cabinet setups, for the larger appliances such as the oven it is preferred to simply have a cabinet style door. This helps all appliances blend into the kitchen décor and can be especially useful if you have appliances with mismatched colors and do not want to invest in new appliances.
  • Zero Handles – Doing away with the handles for the cabinet has been a hot luxury kitchen cabinet design that is likely to continue well into the future. This provides a sleek look to the cabinets thanks to the total absence of protruding handles. The opening mechanism can be pop up or recessed bevels can be used.
  • Drawer cabinets for under counters – For the under-counter cabinets, going for drawers is a space-saving and functional choice. If you are storing cutlery of small chinaware there, you do not have to bend now and then making the workflow smoother. You can also use it on the cabinets placed on the kitchen island if you decide to get one.
  • Shaker style cabinets – Due to the minimalistic appeal the shaker style cabinets have always been trending out of the various types of kitchen cabinet design. The consideration here needs to be on the colors. You can go for earthy and woody colors, while all shades of blue also remain a popular choice for most homeowners.
  • Frosted or Ribbed glass cabinets – One of the top trends in kitchen cabinet design is opting for frosted or ribbed glass cabinets over the counter which is a vintage trend making a comeback. The dust repellent variants are very popular as well as adding lights inside the cabinet have also gained popularity. The frosted or ribbed glass has an advantage over plain glass since it provides relative privacy to the contents of your cabinets from prying eyes.

kitchen cabinet design

Keeping these kitchen cabinet designs in mind while choosing one for your home will provide the homeowners with a sense of style that is trending. The homeowners are encouraged to browse through the catalog of top kitchen designers such as Snaidero Kitchen Design who have some of the best kitchen cabinets design for Dubai homes. Once you have done so you can contact us at +97142944803 for a consultation with the Snaidero Kitchen Design experts for more customization options.

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