Top-End Kitchen Design Styles for your Luxury Home

When you design a luxurious or state-of-art house, design a modern kitchen that is equally well-equipped and well-designed becomes necessary. As a much-visited part of your residence, this is where you spend a sizable chunk of your day and therefore the kitchen design deserves careful consideration. It is also important for you to spend time and money in decorating the kitchen well since the kitchen design style is a reflection of your lifestyle. If you have been on the lookout for luxury kitchen design styles that suits your taste then we have an interesting array of ideas that you can employ in your kitchen and give your top-end kitchen the refined feel that it needs.

kitchen design

  • Go for Marble Island and countertop – Using the all-marble kitchen counter and island is one of the most used kitchen design styles. The appeal of marble infuses the kitchen with a regal feel which makes it a staple of a luxury kitchen. The gold veined marble which is also available in the black color is a great option who are looking for something different.
  • Copper or Brass fixtures – Installing copper or bronze taps can be a fresh approach and you can easily pair it up with similar colored pendant lights. The plain stainless steel basin can also be swapped for a colorful copper or brass which radiates the warm glow in the kitchen. You can also use copper in creating a splashback that reflects the light in the kitchen.
  • Island Seating – Depending on the available space, going for island seating can be an excellent option. If you have a large space you can add a second island that provides more storage and a better workflow than a single large island. Go for an all marble island that can match your kitchen counter.
  • Cabinets without handles – If you are looking for a modern and luxurious cabinet design then go for a cabinet without handles. The cabinets that use pop-up door mechanism or recessed bezel designs can create a solid wall without any handles which translates to an attractive kitchen design style.
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  • Concealed and integrated appliances and hob – If you are looking for a way to give your kitchen a neat and organized look then make sure that most of the appliances have been integrated into the kitchen modules. The appliances should be concealed behind surfaces that match the rest of the kitchen surfaces such as cabinet doors.
  • Wood Flooring – Another one of luxurious Dubai kitchen design that has become popular is using wooden flooring in the kitchen. Going for nice wooden flooring provides a sense of warmth compared to all other flooring options. You can match it with a bright kitchen rug if it feels too bland.

kitchen design

These luxurious kitchen designs are sure to upscale your kitchen design and provide that larger-than-life effect that it needs. These also make it appear more organized, and easier to maintain in a long run. For more such designs that exude luxury, be sure to give a call to Snaidero Kitchen Designs and book a consultation at +97142944803.

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