Top Elegant Modern Kitchen Designs with
Wonderful Cabinets

A kitchen is the heart of the home for most of us. In fact, we spend a substantial amount of our time in our kitchens these days; thus, we must try to modernize and beautify it as much as possible. If you are someone who has a traditional kitchen at their home but wants to add a touch of modern designs to it, this piece of writing will help you to get some ideas about it. Let us check out some modern kitchen design ideas involving the kitchen cabinets that you can install in your kitchen space.

modern kitchen design

  • Install a kitchen island with Cabinets: If you are looking for elegant kitchen designs, you can surely go for a kitchen island. This design will never ditch you, and instead, you may even receive a great storage space. Apart from the extra storage space of this design, you can also match the color theme of the kitchen island and the cabinets to create a robust design statement.
  • A cabinet under lights with marble countertop: Marble has always been a part of the most used modern kitchen designs. You can get the countertops done in marble as it will look classy and beautify them you can add some lights under the overhead cabinets to focus lighting on the countertop. White marbles bring a spacious look to the kitchen and the lights brighten these up beautifully.
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  • Glassdoor cabinets: One of the modern kitchen designs has seen a resurgence of the glass door design with the lights installed in them. A variation of this design is using ribbed glass or frosted glass to create a beautiful effect. You can also get stained glass doors to the cabinets for a unique look and feel that reflects your personal taste and style.
  • Half and Half Shelves – One of the attractive kitchen design which has been immensely popular involves punctuating the cabinets with open shelves. The cabinets take care of most of the storage however the shelves can house the most used condiments, house plants, or an attractive centerpiece for your kitchen.
  • Ground to Ceiling – If you have a smaller kitchen, then you may need all the space that you can get and usually that means thinking vertically. You can opt for floor-to-ceiling cabinets that can be customized to store as much equipment or ingredients as you have. You might need some help to reach the top so ensure to keep a kitchen stool or ladder handy. Also, you can reduce the depth of the cabinets to free up the floor space and make the back of the cabinets more accessible thereby ensuring better usage of space.

modern kitchen design

Modern kitchen designs in Dubai are very popular and the ones that involve a fancy cabinet are all times favorite. These designs should enable you to install some great cabinets in your kitchen to transform its look and feel. Contact the Snaidero Kitchen Designs at +97142944803 for the savviest kitchen designs in Dubai. The Snaidero consultants can guide you to make the best decisions regarding installing the right kitchen cabinets.

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