Top Best Luxury Kitchen Design in Dubai 2021


Dubai has always been one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East and that is why it also has some of the most modern and stylish homes in the region. The sophisticated beauty of these homes also permeates their kitchen which is equally stylish and elegant. The best part of having a luxury kitchen design in Dubai is that it is as much functionally efficient as it is visually appealing. Let us acquaint you with the modern kitchen designs in Dubai trends that are expected to remain popular well in the year 2021. Here are the top trends for the future of kitchen designs for the coming year:

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  • Custom-designed cabinets – Quality cabinets do not come cheap, and if you are going to get cabinets as a part of all kitchen designs, it makes sense for you to invest time and money in designing them. Do spend time in creating a bespoke design working with your kitchen designer to get a signature look such as minimalistic shaker style cabinets, or larger than life ornate designs that make your kitchen into a sight to behold.
  • Go for a marble countertop – Nothing makes a bold statement about a luxurious kitchen as marble does it. The beauty of marble has always been a symbol associated with royalty and that is why it is a worthwhile investment. If you are worried about marble being too high maintenance you can also get it on a budget by using engineered stones or even laminates. Go for gold-veined marble for an ultimate luxury statement.
  • Unique splash-back designs – If you are looking to create a signature and luxurious look in the kitchen, make sure to invest in finding a good color theme for splash-backs and taps. When you are choosing the unique look, ditch the boring stainless steel look and go for something exciting such as rose gold, brass, gold, copper, or any other finishes.
  • Island Bar – Since the luxurious kitchens have large spaces, an island bar makes a lot of sense. Filled with storage capacity, the kitchen island will make it super easy to stack away equipment, chinaware, glassware, and other items when not in use. The Island bar is invaluable if you do not have a separate space for a kitchen pantry.
  • Say goodbye to handles – One of the most prominent trends of kitchen designs in Dubai for 2020 has been cabinets and pull-out drawers. To retain functionality you can opt for press up drawers and cabinets or create a clean look and feel in the kitchen with straight clear lines. You can also use recessed handles to create the same clean effect as the handle-less doors.

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