Top Best Luxury German Kitchen Designs
for Dubai Homes

Kitchens have evolved as some of the most elegant social spaces and it has also become the perfect space for the homeowners to showcase their good taste and affluence. That is why it is commonplace to adapt more design influences from different places such as Europe. When it comes to European kitchen designs, Italian kitchen definitely have a huge influence; however, the German kitchen designs have also played an important part. The modern German kitchen designs draw a fine line between technological superiority and the warm rustic style of the old world. The German kitchens are characterized by high quality, sleekness, and refined designs which translate into a well-planned kitchen that is highly efficient and easy to maintain.

luxury german kitchen design

  • Soft-closing drawers – The Soft-closing drawers are one of the nice touches of German engineering that have become a prominent feature of kitchens everywhere. The effect they have is very soothing as the drawers close without a sound and with the slow gliding movement. With these, you can say goodbye to the drawers left halfway open thanks to the self-closing mechanism.
  • Integrated appliances – Gone are the days when the kitchen used to be stacked with the various kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, food processor, and more. The modern attractive German kitchen designs integrate the various appliances in the different modules creating an inconspicuous kitchen with invisible yet ever ready appliances.
  • Fluted Glass – The fluted glass used in the cabinetry doors can create a very vintage feel which is making a comeback. The curious 3D effect that the fluted glass generates makes it an interesting cabinet door choice while providing complete privacy to the contents of your kitchen.
  • Discreet lighting – Instead of lights that stand out and create a focal point in the kitchen such as the one seen in pendant lights, discreet lighting is the way to go for the best German kitchen designs. This involves fitting the lighting in the kitchen walls, under cabinet lighting, along with the woodwork, and recessed lighting.
  • Concealed Storage – A key idea to get a luxury German kitchen design is going for more concealed storage. This easily puts away the clutter while maximizing the storage space that the kitchen has. To implement ideas such as pull out pantries, deep racks, Lazy Susan, walk-in pantries, and many other ideas to use the space more creatively.

german kitchen design

Many types of German kitchen design are well suited to the needs of homeowners in Dubai. If you want to choose from more German kitchen designs for Dubai homes, you can consult Snaidero Kitchen Design having expertise in German kitchens as well as a proven track record of designing several luxury kitchens in Dubai. Our consultants are available at +971 42944803.

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