Top Best Kitchen Sink for your Kitchen in Dubai


The kitchen sink may seem like one of the components of the kitchen which adds more function than style to the overall look and feel of the kitchen. An attractive kitchen sink that has been color coordinated well with the theme of the kitchen can do wonders to improve the aesthetics of the areas. Yet, choosing a kitchen sink to suit your kitchen is a hit and miss, as you will see some beautiful kitchens in Dubai ultimately settling for a more functional and uninspiring design. Others may get it wrong and get a beautiful kitchen sink however may not provide the right space for dish wash and other tasks that need to e accommodated there. Here are some of the quick tips that you can keep in mind to choose the right kitchen sinks for your needs and some recommendations for the best kitchen sink in Dubai.

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  • Choose the right configuration – Starting from the compartments that you may need, to the single basin designs that are fairly common, you have several choices when it comes to the kitchen sink configurations. If opting for a two-compartment design, offset style kitchen sinks are popular with one larger compartment, and one smaller compartment by the side. The other option is to get two equal compartments which can accommodate more dishes. More than two compartments are rare and may not be needed by home homeowners.
  • Choose the right size and shape – Determine the size and shape of the kitchen sink based on the available space in the kitchen. In general, the size of your sink should be at least enough to accommodate a majority of your cookware for easier washing up. Also, the round bottom corner designs are preferred by several homeowners for ease of cleaning.
  • Choose the right material – Sink made of materials such as Stainless Steel have long been favorites of homeowners in Dubai due to the practical and durable designs. Everything else is high maintenance with materials such as st stones, porcelain, and even glass but can give it a feel of a Luxury Kitchen Sink. Another viable choice turning out for the best kitchen sink to be popular these days is the granite sink which is hardy yet stylish.
  • Choose the right tap and accessories – Moving away from the boring Stainless steel designs is another thing that is working well here for the majority of homeowners looking for a luxury kitchen sink. Gold, copper, and rose gold taps are coming up as more interesting tap colors and the black matte finish also goes well provided the other kitchen accessories match it too. Shower arms are super helpful to clean around the kitchen and fill pots without putting them in the sink.
  • Remember the Golden Triangle – The Golden Triangle refers to the three points of the invisible triangle that must lie on the hob, refrigerator, and sink. This helps maintain a proper distance between all three and adds to the workflow in the kitchen.

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The homeowners looking for a kitchen sink in Dubai can use these ideas to add some flavor to their kitchens and make the most of the available space. For further advice, Snaidero Kitchen Designs can help you get some customized, unique, and luxury sink designs that will make your kitchen feel truly yours. You can give us a call at +971 42944803 to contact our consultants for all parts of your kitchen design.

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