Top 5 Modern Kitchen Design Trends in Dubai

When it comes to urban chic, there’s no place like Dubai, and its residents are fully in touch with the latest trends in kitchen design. After all, the kitchen has moved from being a place you wouldn’t take your guests to being the social hub of the household.

Apart from changing the way we socialize, this progressive alteration in the way we regard the once-humble kitchen has led to kitchen design becoming one of the most important elements when judging the quality of a home for sale. Realtors agree. When it comes to making a positive impression, the kitchen and the bathroom are the two most important places in the home. So, apart from the kitchen moving out from “below stairs”, or at least the private living area, what else is new in the world of kitchens and kitchen designs, and what does 2019 have to offer?

modern kitchen design trends

1. Don’t Stop at White

White is an easy trend to spot in interior decor – but it can be a little bland on its own. In Dubai, white kitchens are hugely popular. Small wonder – it turns the kitchen into a cool oasis in the hottest of weather, but do not just leave everything dead white.

Our Design Tip: Add some pops of colour or choose a neutral with a difference. Amica-based lacquer contains flakes of mica, and though it’s neutral, it adds interest because the colour changes depending on the angle from which it is viewed and the direction of the light. Take inspiration from Snaidero Code kitchen design.

modern kitchen design trend

2. Clever Contrasts

Wood and metal, brights and neutrals, naturals and smooth lacquer finishes: contrast adds interest without creating an aesthetic conflict. Using contrast is an art. Deploy it deliberately and use it sparingly. Explore its potential to create harmony rather than conflict.

Our Design Tip: Consider smooth, reflective materials like metal and glass contrasting with textured, light-absorbing materials like terracotta and wood finishes, or a simple and elegant contrast between silver and black.

3. Turning Countertops & Backsplashes into Statements

Backsplashes have moved beyond pure functionality and into the realm of art. From intricate designs to expanses of beautifully polished quartz or marble, the backsplash is taking center stage in kitchen design. But do watch out for visual conflict between backsplashes and countertop materials. If one is a focal feature, the other cannot be an accent.

Our Design Tip: We recommend that you choose a simple backsplash if the countertops are already quite intricate, and a showier backsplash in the typical scenario where countertops are relatively simple.


4. Open Shelves

Open shelves is one of the most popular kitchen design trends in UAE right now. Open shelves allow you to turn kitchen crockery, cookbooks, and produce into part of your kitchen design and decor.

Our Design Tip: Be careful how you use them. Have some closed cupboards that you can pack without regard to aesthetics too! While your beautiful glassware, best crockery, and neat storage jars might look great on those shelves, your selection of tinned ingredients and miscellany of spice bottles might not look as stylish. Consider this trend, but beware of clutter. Maintain a balance.

5. Gorgeous Lighting Design

Light is the big thing in interior design right now. It might not be tangible, but it creates atmosphere, makes tasks easier, and illuminates the design accents you want to stand out. LED lighting is widely being used in a variety of ways: as stripes under the cabinets, under the countertops, as recessed surround ceiling lights and in other unusual places to create design patterns.

Our Design Tip: Task-oriented lighting can be beautiful as well as practical, so plan that first, and the additional lights will enhance the visual experience and ambiance of the kitchen space.

Would You Like to See For Yourself?

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