Top 5 Kitchen Sink Design – How to Choose the Best

The kitchen sink is one of the vital workspaces of the famous kitchen triangle, and studies confirm that people spend about 60 percent of their time in the kitchen at the sink. Hence, the position and design of the kitchen sink are essential for functionality, thus here we have shortlisted the top 5 kitchen sink designs for you to choose from. The most popular material for a kitchen sink is stainless steel. Also, materials like cast iron, fireclay, granite, and quartz usually provide an elegant look.

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  1. Undermount Sink: It is the most popular kitchen sink pattern, where the sinks are mounted to the bottom of the countertop. The rims of under-mount sinks are not visible, as it is covered by the countertop from all sides. It is held by heavy-duty clips or underneath support from the bottom of the counter. It is an attractive kitchen sink design that offers an excellent modern look, and it is easy to keep clean, as it does not have grooves or crevices which can accumulate trash. Due to its position, the debris can simply be wiped directly to the sink from the counter, which saves a lot of time and effort. The under-mount sinks are costly due to their internal support system, but the looks and functionality can match the scale.
  1. Drop-in Sink: It is also called top mount or overmounts sinks that sit above a small space on the countertop. It is a traditional kitchen sink design, and it has a visible lip or rim around the edge as it sits flat on the countertop, which gives it a finished look. Installation of drop-in sinks is simple, as it doesn’t require much internal support system, and for this reason, it is comparatively inexpensive. But the gap between the rim and counter can accumulate debris, so it is a bit complicated to keep clean.
  1. Apron sink: It is another type of drop-in sink with an exposed front-facing side. It is also popularly known as farmhouse sinks, which is a luxurious kitchen sink design that seamlessly blends with the kitchen counter to provide an elegant aesthetic view. Apron sinks are wide enough to clean large baking pans and even big casserole pans inside them, so it very effective for the kitchen functionality. This type of kitchen sink is commonly a single basin model, also available in double basin varieties, so you can choose as per your preference.
  1. Island sink: Sink in the kitchen island will open up the functional space and provide additional countertops for food prepping. The island kitchen sink designs are amazing for their stylish looks and great functionality. It also supports the concept of the working triangle, as it helps in cleaning while cooking for effective positioning. But the island sinks are usually smaller than the regular ones so, generally used for supplementary purposes.
  1. Vessel or Bowl Sink: It is a variety of top mount sinks that sits on top of the countertop. It is available in various attractive kitchen sink designs, such as a single basin or double basin. So it can be mentioned as a multipurpose sink with relatively small space occupancy. So, if your kitchen space is small, this type of sink would be perfect for enhancing the beauty of your kitchen counters.

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All these latest kitchen sink designs are very trendy and the most functional. Also, you can choose from the different materials used for kitchens sinks, such as stainless steel, fireclay, granite, etc. For more kitchen sink design tips, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs at +97142944803, and the experts will assist you with the perfect selection.

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