Top 5 Best Kitchen Furniture for Dubai Homes


The kitchen has slowly taken the place that was reserved earlier for the living room or dining room. With the integration of the social aspect of the kitchen, the modern kitchen is an aesthetically appealing space that is visited frequently by the guests of the home. To accommodate this newfound attention the kitchen needs to be upgraded from a place purely dedicated to the preparation of food to a hospitable place to entertain guests. To upscale your kitchen one of the most vital points is choosing the right kitchen furniture that can make the place come alive and communicate powerfully the tone of your personality and taste. Let us look at some of the modern kitchen furniture in Dubai that you can find and how can you choose the right one to strike the right chord between aesthetics and functionality:

kitchen furniture

  • Kitchen Cabinets: One of the most common kitchen furniture in Dubai is also one of the most essential parts of a modern kitchen. It is easy to hit and miss on this undervalued and underused piece of kitchen furniture. The kitchen cabinets can add a lot of space to your storage and therefore it makes practical sense for you to install them in your kitchen. The trick is to match them with the overall color theme of the kitchen to make them stand out in a good way. Do consider wooden finish for cabinets that can give a rustic look or a thin wall cabinet from floor to roof to add a bold visual element to the overall kitchen look.
  • Kitchen Island: The kitchen islands are one a great addition to most modern kitchens provided they have the space available. Do consider the size of the kitchen island carefully and ensure that it is not too small or large for the overall kitchen. Another consideration is the right worktop finish and color that you should think well before choosing.
  • Breakfast Bar: As the dining space and kitchen are merging frequently, breakfast bars have gained a lot of popularity. If you have a kitchen island you can consider adding the breakfast bar at a slightly higher level or extend it past the island at an angle to give it a signature look.
  • Chest of Drawers: If your kitchen lacks a pantry, this can be an excellent addition to your kitchen to increase the storage easily and effectively as one of the best kitchen furniture in Dubai. Choose your chest of drawers in a contrasting color to make it a centerpiece instead of trying to blend it in with other furniture. Also, buy the unit separately so that you can move it around later to try different layouts.
  • Kitchen Trolley: Never underestimate the power of a perfectly matched and mobile kitchen trolley in a modern kitchen. As it comes in a variety of designs it can also be one of the most attractive kitchen furniture in Dubai that you can own. You can have a nice tea or Arabic coffee setup ready on it to present to your guests or use it as an extension to the breakfast setup. Do match the color of the trolley’s metal parts with the kitchen fixture colors such as brass, copper, steel, or gold.

kitchen furniture

This kitchen furniture are sure to make your kitchen look and feel more classy and sophisticated while serving their purpose well. You can buy kitchen furniture in Dubai, such as these and many more by contacting Snaidero Kitchen Design. We specialize in kitchen furniture that matches the kitchen layouts perfectly and new custom designs can be created for you. Contact us at +971 42944803 to book a consultation with us today.

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