Thinking of using an Extractor Hood for your Dream Kitchen?

An extractor hood is an integral part of a modern kitchen, thanks to the evolution of the kitchen to a Living Space, and are becoming increasingly efficient and silent. Snaidero‘s Extractor Hoods, with its aesthetic design and high-quality structural build, have turned them into genuine design objects with high-performance operations. Here are some tips for choosing the one that best suits your needs.

1. If you have external ventilation :

Suction Hoods use an external aperture to expel stale air. The length of the air duct, as well as the curves and the type material, affect the airflow and noise level. Recirculation Hoods do not require an external aperture. They purify the air using a series of filters to remove particles and odors before returning the air to the room. When designing your kitchen, remember that each model has a recommended distance between the hob and the hood to optimize performance.

2. Choosing the Suction Power of the Hood

The choice of hood suction power (airflow rate) generally depends on the size of the kitchen and the cooking method. The airflow rate is expressed in cubic meters/hour (m3/h) and refers to the amount of air that the hood is able to suck up at its maximum speed. To establish the right airflow rate for a kitchen just apply the following rule: MULTIPLY THE MEASUREMENTS OF YOUR KITCHEN BY TEN. This way you will get a value that corresponds to the correct hood suction rate for that particular kitchen.

Example: for a large kitchen 3.00 metres by 5.00 metres by 2.70 metres high, the calculation will be (3.00 x 5.00 x 2.70) x 10 = 405. Here, 405 refers to cubic meters/hour. In this case, a hood with an airflow rate of 400 m3/h (or higher) will ensure the right level of air circulation.

3. Are you thinking of a Decorative or Integrated Hood :

It depends on your tastes. As well as hoods for walls and islands – particularly eye-catching – you can also opt for an integrated model that pretty much fits in with the kitchen furniture without really attracting attention.

4. The Width of the Hob is very important :

Hobs normally come in widths of 60, 75 or 90 cm. The overhead hood should be at least as wide as the hob.

5. Is your Modern Kitchen open to the main living area or divided and separate :

If the kitchen is open to the living room it is vitally important that the hood has a high-powered filtration system. Otherwise, steam and cooking odors can build up in the home and are not easily eliminate.

If you are just looking for the right ideas for your dream kitchen, you have come to the right place. Right from helping you choose the layout, tone, texture, and finish, the Snaidero Design Team will assist & guide you to create your perfect haven of efficiency, class & tranquility addressing all your concerns along the way.


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