The Most Significant Trends in Kitchen Design in 2021-2022

The kitchens have become the new epitome of social interaction and warm conversations in the households, smoothly taking over the title from the living room.  As we gear up for a brand-new year, 2021, the race to finding out top kitchen design trends for the upcoming year has already begun. The industry experts have given out some of the key kitchen design ideas that are likely to dominate the market and have a significant influence on the kitchen design trends in Dubai for 2021. The individual design elements that are making a comeback are also included in the kitchen design trends in 2021 as they transition into the mainstream kitchen designs. Here are some of the most vital kitchen trends in 2021, that you need to know and implement while designing a kitchen.

kitchen design trends

  • Save space for the pantry – A kitchen pantry is one of the most important areas you can include in your kitchen plan. Although not usually visible to the guests that you wish to entertain at your kitchen, it is still extremely important so that you can hold your excess supplies there. It helps you stow away plenty of utensils and equipment which do not fit in with the look and theme of your kitchen.
  • Natural Light sources – 2020 saw even more inclination towards homeowners and kitchen designers to opt for natural light sources such as windows. This is not only better for the environment but also beautifies the kitchen.
  • Natural Materials – Natural materials such as different varieties of wood and stones are also going to be popular in 2021 since it made a comeback a few years back. The better quality of laminates, engineered wood, and stone that imitate natural textures and provide rich color tones. Most designs are likely to favor matte finishes over glossy ones.
  • Custom and Colorful Appliances – If you are going for a designer kitchen it is sensible that you go for custom-built appliances to get everything in a matching uniform color and finish. While some of the classic metal tints such as bronze, gold, rose gold, silver, and steel have been popular colors of appliances and fixtures, do feel free to go for vibrant tints such as turquoise can add to set the color theme of the kitchen.
  • Darker Kitchen Cabinets – Another kitchen trend that is trending currently is opting for darker kitchen cabinets in a wooden or matte finish. This is also one of the luxury kitchen design trends since the black color is often used as a backdrop to highlight fixtures and other accessories. This is also easier to maintain in comparison to the white cabinets.

kitchen design trend

Going for these attractive kitchen design trends will certainly give a modern outlook to your kitchen, keeping it up to date with the latest designs. If you need reliable and useful advice about your kitchen redesign or renovation, then you can contact us at Snaidero Kitchen Designs by calling +971 42944803. We offer our specialized insights regarding Dubai homes and implementing the best Italian kitchen design trends.

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