The Complete Guide to Kitchen Layout in 2021

One of the best things about modern kitchens is that you can have a great kitchen installed in not only bigger villas but also smaller apartments with limited space. Many modern kitchen layouts can be employed no matter the available space and with just a few considerations in mind. If you are in the process of renovating your kitchen or designing a house from scratch there are many kitchen layouts for Dubai homes that you can opt for. We have collated many of the popular layouts in this complete guide to kitchen layout so that homeowners everywhere can find it easier to effortlessly choose the best layout according to their needs. Here are the best kitchen layout designs that provide a great kitchen experience regardless of available space.

kitchen layout

  • Golden Triangle – The Golden triangle or Kitchen triangle is not as much of a kitchen layout design as it is an underlying principle that maintains the functionality in the kitchen. The invisible triangle with three points lying on the Hog or Range, Refrigerator, and Sink. These three points are the main work areas of the kitchen and you need to maintain a clear unobstructed path so that you can move about easily around the kitchen. Some experts also advise keeping them as close to equidistant as possible although it is not possible in many cases.
  • Single Wall Kitchen – A staple of the studio apartments, the single wall kitchens are great when you need to have a minimalistic yet functional kitchen. The single wall kitchen can be created by adding all the elements that you need along a single wall with lined up minimal equipment. It is a great option if you have a smaller apartment and do not want to invest time and money in anything grand. It is generally recommended to demarcate the area by using different colored flooring or using a rug.
  • Parallel or Galley Kitchen – The Parallel or Galley kitchen as the name suggests, is built along two parallel walls. All the equipment and modules face each other maintaining the kitchen triangle. One of the most important parts of making this work is by investing in lighting since with lesser lighting it can look a bit cramped. Using under cabinet lighting is a great idea here to make the most of the cabinets and creating a unique kitchen layout.
  • L-Shaped Kitchen – L shaped kitchen is created by using two walls that are not parallel but instead connected at a right angle. It is one of the popular designs and is found in plenty of modern apartments. In many cases, this open plan kitchen opens up to a living room to maximize the use of available space. For this design one of the great ideas is to align cabinets on one of the walls and leave the other one free to give a better sense of space in the kitchen. A kitchen island is one of the most popular additions to these kitchens.
  • U-Shaped Kitchen – U shaped kitchen is very similar to a closed kitchen which has three walls surrounding the kitchen ad open from one side. The biggest challenge with these attractive kitchen layouts is ventilation which can be countered by using a powerful exhaust system or cutting a portion of a wall to create a large window opening up to a room.

kitchen layout

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