The Complete Guide to Kitchen Fit-out for Home

The kitchen is one of the most intricately designed areas of the home where everything needs to be carefully considered and added. A kitchen should also be designed in a way that when the family comes together here for meals, they can relax and have a nice time. If you think you need to make changes in this specific area of the house, you can opt for a kitchen fit-out. Here is a set of guidelines that may be helpful for you:

kitchen fit-out

  • Measuring the kitchen: As you enter the kitchen, you need to have a good space so that you do not have to struggle to move around in the kitchen. The standard size of the doorway is 32 inches wide. Therefore, start with this and leave a space of 32 inches to enter and exit. Then plan the most usual movements that you would be making inside the kitchen and plan spaces accordingly.
  • Kitchen cabinets: The base unit should be 91 cm, plinths should be 15 cm, wall units not more than 72 cm, and the worktops of 4cm; and these are all for the heights. For the depth, 60 cm for base units, and 30 cm for wall-mounted units. This is one of the best kitchens fit-out ideas that will be really helpful for you.
  • Fitting the kitchen units: You need to start with measuring out space and then move on to installing the base units. It is a good idea to take the views of professionals and their help in designing and installation.
  • Counters: One of the most appealing parts of a kitchen is the counters. For an attractive kitchen fit-out, make sure your counters are just the right for space and theme. The countertop should have a depth of 24 inches and 15 inches for the clearance above. You can even get 24 inches of countertop just next to the sink so that you can carry out the prep work before cooking.
  • Seating and Flooring: If you are installing islands in the kitchen, you can easily make a seating area here. All you need to do is to leave at least 30 inches for one diner and like that. It is recommended that you leave some knee space, which can be 18 inches in depth for 30 inches high counters. For the flooring, you can choose tiles that are a different shade than the rest of the house.

Kitchen Fit-out Tips:

  • You must try to keep the kitchen as ventilated as possible. This will help in keeping the kitchen fresh and there will not be any smell of cooking oil after the meal is prepared.
  • You need to ensure that the edges of the counters are not sharp, and rather rounded or blunt; thus safe.
  • Ensure there are enough storage spaces. Eventually, the groceries are going to get multiplied and you would need a lot of storage space. Also, storage space helps to keep the kitchen tidier.
  • You must make sure that the cooking surface is not placed under an operable window.
  • kitchen fit-outs

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