The Best Open Bar Kitchen Design
Trends of 2021

There are many ways in which you can transform your kitchen into one of the most social areas of your home. As you set up your kitchen in a way that is well-equipped to receive and entertain visitors, it is also necessary to add some elements that make it comfortable for your guests to spend some time there.  One of the easiest and best ways you can accomplish this is by executing some of the open bar kitchen design ideas. The open bar kitchen design is very much in fashion and adds a lot of style to your kitchen without compromising on the functionality. There are several ways of adding an open bar kitchen design at your home, and we have listed here some of the best luxury open bar kitchen design trends of 2021 for you.

Open Bar Kitchen

  • Tall seating – The furniture of the bar has to occupy less space in the interest of ease of work-flow. It is therefore sensible to go for a tall seating arrangement such as bar stools or bar chairs. You can determine the height of the chair that you would need, by looking for a chair that comes to your waist as a rule of thumb. Some of the best open bar kitchens master this design trend to determine the entire look of the kitchen.
  • Focused lighting – Whether you would like to go for multi-layer lighting or any other light theme, it is sensible to add some lights that focus on the bar counter. Since this area doubles up as a dining space as well, getting some pendant lights that focuses on the counter works well for all kinds of setup. You can choose an attractive color of the pendant light and also match it with the color theme of the rest of the kitchen to get a uniform look.
  • Blend with the worktop – Match the color and texture of your bar counter with the kitchen counter and other worktops. It is a good idea to design and order all of these at the same time so that you can find everything to be consistent. You can consult your interior designer or kitchen designer so that you can create a cohesive theme.
  • Bar counter with kitchen island – If your kitchen design includes a kitchen island, you can easily add a bar counter to it. The two popular designs include an elevated bar counter above the kitchen island, and a bar counter extended from the kitchen island.
  • Open and closed design – As a top open bar kitchen design trend, you can go for an enclosed design where you can place a lot of cabinets, pull out drawers, or other modules under the bar-counter to maximize the utilization of space. Do keep in mind that this option will not allow for the furniture to be slid under the bar counter unlike the design with the extending slab.

open bar ktichen

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