The Advantages and Disadvantages of
Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens have become the way of the future in kitchen designing, thanks to the many advantages that the homeowners can get. It brings a perfect solution to the small homes where the kitchen is open and therefore needs a lot of storage space. While the modular kitchen comes with a host of benefits it may still have a few drawbacks that may affect your kitchen plan. It is very important to keep these disadvantages and advantages of a modular kitchen in mind so that we can choose the best design for our home.

modular kitchen

Benefits of Modular Kitchen

  • Sleek design – The modular kitchens look very stylish and classy. Their modern design translates into a luxurious feel for the kitchen with the modern and futuristic Italian kitchen designs. This is one of the biggest reasons why modular kitchens in Dubai have shot to popularity.
  • Freedom of design – Another big benefit of choosing a modular kitchen is that you get a lot of flexibility in terms of finishes, design, and colors. According to the layout that you opt for you can get metal, carbon fiber, laminate, engineered stone, granite, quartz, marble, lacquer, wood veneer, and many other materials to customize your kitchen. You can also choose the color combinations and layouts that you wish to have.
  • Space-saving – While the quality modular kitchen looks stylish, it does also save a lot of space. With the proper module to keep things and efficient usage of storage space, the kitchen is de-cluttered and the functionality is improved. Some of the modern kitchen layouts can have attachments such as Lazy Susan or carousel installed for corners while the cupboards can be Larded cupboards which result in sufficient saving of space.
  • Durable and quick to install – If you are going for a kitchen renovation you can reduce your installation time for the new kitchen in comparison to hiring a carpenter. The biggest time saving comes for cabinets. The best modular kitchens are also very easy to maintain and are durable due to the usage of material such as plywood that is resistant to most elements. You can also use waterproof materials such as aluminum which can be used as a lining under another material to match the rest of the unit as well.

The drawback of Modular Kitchen

  • High initial cost – The biggest disadvantage of going for a modular kitchen is that some types of modular kitchens can turn out to be costlier to get than the conventional kitchen. Although most of the people who have gone for the modular kitchen claim that it is easier to maintain and more durable than the conventional kitchen.

modular kitchen

The modular kitchens are definitely gaining popularity due to the many benefits that they provide to the homeowners. If you want to know more about the modular kitchens and how can they fit the plan of your home, you can give a call to +971 42944803 to discuss it with the Snaidero Kitchen Consultant.

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