The 7 Best Italian Kitchens for Dubai Homes 2021


If you want a blend of style, luxury, sleek, and elegant kitchen design, Italian Kitchen is the one for you. Italian kitchen design has always been one of the most sought after designs that have never gone out of trend. While you put up in Dubai, Snaidero Kitchen Design can bring you some of the best attractive Italian kitchen ideas. The designs can give an elegant touch to your kitchen and get you closer to the dream kitchen you want. Here are some of the luxury Italian kitchen ideas that you might like:

italian kitchen

  • U-shaped Italian Modular Kitchen: A much sought after Italian kitchen in Dubai, this U-shaped Italian modular kitchen has storage cabinets, space for prepping, cooking, a specific washing area, and a glass top table that can be used for dining purpose. There is ample storage area and this design is apt for small to medium kitchens.
  • Traditional Italian Kitchen Design: One of the perfect Italian Kitchens for Dubai homes, especially the villas. This design will consist of the woodwork and a combination of white and golden shade. Even the walls and ceiling will have a golden and white touch. The use of a chandelier makes this design even more luxurious. This design is perfect for villas or bungalows.
  • Italian Kitchen Design for Small Space: Do you have limited space in your kitchen? Snaidero Kitchen Design has got an attractive design for you. The design is sleek, and the cabinets are made of a very neutral shade of grey. Adding the industrial metallic lamp has incorporated even more style to the kitchen.
  • White Italian Kitchen: Who does not like a white Italian kitchen? It is almost everyone’s favorite. Well, do not worry about maintaining it, since the kitchen design is very easy to use. The hardware is sleek and just a wipe with a soft cloth will easily help in removing all the dirt. To make it look even more stylish, a bit of beige color can be added.
  • Industrial Italian Kitchen Design: This kitchen design looks elegant and there is no doubt about it. From the sink to the countertop, from the prepping area to the range hood, everything is made of metal. A rack is fixed above the platform as well as the pot handle make the storage space even double while adding style to the kitchen. The pendant light and the color of the refrigerator add more sophistication yet metallic touch to the kitchen design.
  • Minimalist Kitchen Design: If you are fond of minimalist design, you will love this Italian kitchen design. The cabinets are white and shiny, while the countertop is grey. There is only a cooking space, prepping area, and washing area. Everything else can be kept inside the cabinets.
  • T-shaped Italian Kitchen: This T-shaped kitchen comes in a white finish and metallic surfaces.  The appliances are attached to the wall. The T-shape of the kitchen doubles up the functionality and brings a lot of space for cooking, prepping, and even cleaning up.

Italian kitchen design

There is a lot of demand for Italian kitchen designs in Dubai. And if you are interested in getting one for your home, you can give a call to us at+971 42944803 and talk to our experts. You will get all the necessary information and options that you need to make the best decision regarding your Italian kitchen design.

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