Sustainable Kitchen Design Materials for your home

The kitchen designs have truly evolved and flourished over the course of the past few decades. Today it is not uncommon to step into modest homes, yet find open kitchen designs fully displaying the most spectacular of kitchen layouts. Several homeowners are choosing concepts such as kitchen islands. Even the usage of kitchen materials has gone through a revolution with an increased focus on sustainable kitchen design material. If you have been wondering about how to build a sustainable kitchen, you can go through the tips mentioned below for getting the basics right.

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  • Reusing material from the old kitchen – If you are renovating your kitchen, think carefully before throwing away your old kitchen materials including cabinet doors and drawers. You can use a major chunk of the old kitchen furnishings and use polishing or painting to renew these completely. Changing just the cabinet doors can give the entire cabinet a whole new look and save a bunch of money on a sustainable kitchen renovation.
  • Using Timber in countertops – Getting good and responsibly sourced timber is not impossible these days. Once you get your hand on this you can use it in getting a practical yet stylish butcher block countertop. It would also mean saving more money during the renovation.
  • Plywood cabinets – Using plywood has become a good sustainability trend that is easy on the environment. Plywood is made of wood pieces glued together to create a solid wood plank-like structure of required thickness. You can get formaldehyde-free plywood and use this versatile and durable material in various areas of the kitchen.
  • Bamboo for durability – Bamboo has become one of the favorite sustainable kitchen materials that have interested homeowners. The bamboo grows faster than most other kinds of wood, making it an easy to acquire and relatively cheaper alternative to traditional timber. It also provides excellent durability, which is ideal if you are planning to use it for designing cabinets.
  • Neolith or Engineered stone countertops – If you wish to go for a stone countertop instead of a wooden alternative, you can’t go wrong with using Neolith or Quartz. Quartz is a type of engineered stone, that is made of ground-up marble or granite as well as a resin or polymer. Neolith is a relatively newer material made of combining 100% natural materials which are even more versatile and durable than quartz.
  • Metallic appliances – Instead of appliances made of plastic material, you can opt for having metallic body types which are considered more durable and long-lasting. There are many interesting options of appliances that avoid using plastic which takes much longer time to decompose than other materials. Glass, ceramic, and metal top this list.

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Using the above tips, you can create a sustainable kitchen that will be a matter of pride for you and your family. You can also club it with a small herb garden and even install less power-consuming LED lights. For more sustainable kitchen design ideas, you can consult the experts at Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can give a call at +97142944803 to book an appointment and take your first step towards having a sustainable kitchen.

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