Stylish and Unique Kitchen Island Design Ideas
for Small Spaces

They say food makes any bond stronger. In modern times food is as important as the area that it is prepared in. This is why you can find some of the most beautiful and well-equipped kitchens in Dubai, where the individual will feel positive and relaxed about preparing the meals even when they have guests in the kitchen.

As we talk about kitchens and their beauty; one of the top design elements that you will come across these days, not only in the United Arab Emirates but several places in the world is kitchen island designs. Even if you stay in a smaller apartment, several unique kitchen island designs are suitable for smaller kitchens. Let us discuss some kitchen island designs for Dubai homes in this blog.

kitchen island design ideas

  1.  Make it utilitarian: Go to any modular kitchen designers and you will find stainless steel islands. The slim look of this kind of island will look great in a small kitchen. This will not only help you to get an attractive kitchen island design but it is also super easy to keep the kitchen clean. It is very resilient and tough.
  2.  Butcher block: If you are a lot into slicing, mincing, and chopping, a butcher block is something that would do great in your kitchen. Butcher block islands come in varied sizes. You can choose the size that would fit into your kitchen and not make it look congested.
  3.  Storage is important: While you are looking for luxury kitchen island designs, you can choose the lighter color and configure the storage option below. The lighter color will make the room look bigger and cleaner. About the storage, there are drawers and cabinets that you can configure. You can also let the storage space be open, where you can keep your most-used equipment and chinaware.
  4.  Two islands: One of the stylish kitchen island designs that you can use in your kitchen if you have space, is to get two islands. They will not only add much-needed storage in the kitchen but will also lessen the space in the kitchen better than one bigger island.
  5.  Combined Breakfast Bar and Kitchen Island: When you have space for either a dining table or a kitchen island, you can just merge both of them. This will serve both the purposes with taller furniture that saves leg space. The seating can be tucked under when it is not in use, to create more workspace.

kitchen island design

There are many variations of kitchen Island designs for the small kitchen spaces. While you are researching the perfect one for your home in Dubai, you can get in touch with us at Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can visit our website to find the top trends in kitchen island designs. We can customize for you the best kitchen island designs, according to your needs and taste. You can contact us at+97142944803 to consult further and also share any idea about how can we help to make your home even more beautiful.

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