Increase the Style Quotient of your Kitchen
with Stylish Ceiling Design Ideas

When you are redesigning a kitchen, you get the opportunity to upgrade all parts of the kitchen and that includes the ceiling. Although traditionally very little attention was paid to the beautification of the kitchen itself, these days it is as much an aesthetic need as it is a social phenomenon. The kitchen ceiling design is an important part of the kitchen that can add a lot of beauty and grace to the bare kitchen. These are various kitchen ceiling design ideas that you can adapt to your kitchen ceiling so that your kitchen gets spiced up.

kitchen ceiling design

  • Regular Kitchen Ceiling – The regular kitchen ceiling is the simplest of all ceiling designs and great for keeping things simple. One of the best kitchen ceiling design ideas to beautify a simple ceiling is to use appropriate lighting. As the color of a simple ceiling is best left as white, there is always scope to add some pendant lights and light fixtures in a shade such as black or brass to add some flavor.
  • Drop Kitchen Ceiling – Also known popularly as the two-tier ceiling, it gives a lot of lighting options to the homeowners. The hidden lights are put inside the skirting of the lower ceiling which gives an amazing lighting effect. It does take a lot of maintenance since it may be difficult to clean the in-between hard to reach area.
  • Vaulted Ceiling – For the homeowners who do not have a floor above their kitchen can maximize the space by going for a vaulted ceiling. You can even opt for some skylights for taking the full advantage of natural lighting during the day but this kitchen ceiling design in Dubai can make the kitchen quite hot.
  • Beams Ceiling – With the beams being clearly visible, this rustic feeling is a great option for homeowners who are looking for ways to add more offbeat elements to their kitchen. The concrete beams give an industrial and urban feel to the kitchen while providing a stylish look. This quality kitchen ceiling is as functional as it is attractive.
  • Exposed Wooden Beams in Vaulted ceiling – Adding wooden beams to any ceiling can give it a great color combination; however, adding them to a vaulted ceiling is even better. It creates the illusion of a larger kitchen and also makes the perfect setup for some interesting pendant lighting choices.
  • Designer Kitchen ceiling – The designer kitchen uses designs with geometric shapes such as curves, angles, and patterns to add a chic feel to the kitchen. This is one of the modern kitchen ceiling designs that you can use at your home if you have a good architect.

kitchen ceiling designs

As with all kitchen ideas, the lighting plays an important part in determining the best setup for your kitchen. Go for multi-layered lighting for the maximum effect and to effectively illuminate these attractive kitchen ceiling designs. As for the color of the ceiling, white and off-white turn out to be the most popular ones. Snaidero Kitchen Ceiling Designs integrate several of these amazing kitchen ideas and gives a lot of options to personalize your kitchen design. You can contact our consultants at +971 42944803.

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