Streamline Kitchen Design with Handleless Cabinets

Most homeowners can easily imagine a modern kitchen with all its unique features and attractive components. From a color theme to light fixtures, every single part of a modern kitchen creates the image of style and sophistication. Another modern kitchen staple is the inclusion of stylish cabinetry and the latest trend is the range of handleless kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets without handles have evolved due to the streamlined look needed for the modern kitchen. It makes the cabinets look inconspicuous and helps the cabinets blend in with the rest of the kitchen. There are plenty of benefits of going for a handleless design for the kitchen cabinets. Let us explore a few of these in this piece of writing.

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Extra Space

If you especially have a smaller kitchen, the handleless option will make it look bigger. We often do not realize that the handles take a lot of space, which we can use for other purposes. With handleless cabinets, it also becomes very easy to move around the kitchen.

Better Safety

With handles in the cabinets, sometimes our clothes end up getting stuck in them. Ultimately the clothes tear up. Whereas, when you have a handleless modular kitchen, you do not have to be bothered about any such thing. There is no way that your clothes will tear up by the cabinets.

Streamlined Look

No one can deny the fact that a handleless kitchen looks much better than a kitchen with handles. It brings a sleek and streamlined look. The handleless kitchen cabinets look absolutely elegant.

Effortless Cleaning

Cleaning the kitchen is one of the most important things that take a lot of effort. And when there are handles, it may even take more time to clean those areas. Handles are the areas where a lot of dirt gets accumulated. As you get handleless cabinets, you do not need to deal with all such things. You can clean the entire cabinets effortlessly and in lesser time.

Additional Tips for Handleless Kitchen

The handleless cabinets in the kitchen look stunning, and there is no doubt about it. However, to make it look outstanding, you need to get some additional work done such as lighting, color and finishing used in the cabinets. Let us check out some of the points:

  • Color: As we talk about handleless kitchen, we must take care of the color that we are going to use for the kitchen as well as cabinets. You can try to use colors like black, grey, white, dark green, etc.
  • Finish: A handleless kitchen will look unique with a glossy finish of the cabinets. It will bring out the real beauty of the kitchen entirely.
  • Lighting: While you are putting so much of effort to beautify your kitchen, make sure you use the right types of lights. There are various types of lighting especially for the kitchen. From task lighting to ambient lighting and even accent lighting, you can choose the one that will go with the décor and size of your kitchen.

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