Step by Step Guide to Open Kitchen Design
for Dubai Homes

Planning an open kitchen is an exciting job. You can plan your open kitchen as per your budget, space and add facilities as per your choice. Now for an open kitchen design, you need to map every step one by one without error. Else, you may not have the chance to rectify it. 

Hence, adequate research is the prime requirement for designing a perfect open kitchen for your Dubai home. The following 5 steps will aid you in finding the practical factors you need to consider for setting up an attractive open kitchen design and make your efforts successful.

kitchen design

Make a list of the amenities you need in your kitchen:

A modern kitchen generally includes a refrigerator, kitchen stove or hob, sink, tall faucet sprayer, dishwasher, microwave oven, mixer-grinder, etc. Also, consider the length of storage cabinets and usable countertops you need in your kitchen. Make a list of the amenities you seek to comprise in your open kitchen, and it will help you place them when your kitchen is ready. 

Consider the suitable layout for your open kitchen:

Plan your kitchen layout based on the space and position you have for your kitchen to maximize the utility. If you have a small space then, go for a galley kitchen or linear kitchen, for cozy corners L-shaped kitchen is perfect, and if you have a wide space then you can plan a peninsula kitchen or a kitchen with multiple islands. The latest open kitchen designs include several layouts that you can customize as per your requirements. Also, don’t overlook the kitchen triangle while positioning the sink, hob, and refrigerator. 

Draw up the best floor-plan for your open kitchen:

Once you listed all the amenities you want to include in your kitchen and the most suitable layout, draw a perfect floor plan based on that. Your kitchen floor plan should be detailed, including the external and internal doors and windows, cabinets and countertops, Kitchen Island, and others. It will help you get the best possible functionality, whether you have a simple or a luxury open kitchen design idea. 

Choose high-quality material for cabinetries and appliances:

The best material for kitchen cabinets is solid wood, but some high-quality engineered wood provides even better durability. For the countertops marvel, ceramic tiles, wood, or granite is the perfect material. Also, the other high-quality appliances ensure high durability and user satisfaction. You should focus on hardware materials like hinges, knobs, handles, pipes, etc. so, you can use those for the rest of your life. 

Select the best color combination for your open kitchen:

It is the final step for designing a stunning open kitchen for your Dubai home. You can select the traditional white background with silvery-grey shaker cabinets or stony backsplashes with wooden cabinets and countertops or choose some other attractive pop colors on cabinet panels. You can go through the latest open kitchen design ideas to plan the best color scheme.

kitchen design

These are the fundamental design tips for open kitchens, and you can craft every type of kitchen based on these steps, whether simple or luxurious. Also, you can always enquire in details from Snaidero Kitchen Designs by calling their representative at +97142944803, and they will help you organize a beautiful and utmost functional open kitchen for your Dubai home. 

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