Smart Modular Kitchen Design for a Modern
Home in Dubai

Modular kitchen design is one of the most important developments that have taken place in the past few decades to redefine the idea of kitchens. The Modular kitchen has various modules such as cabinets, drawers, shelves, and racks to keep the various kitchen equipment, cookware, chinaware, glassware, and silverware in order and out of sight. This results in a much neater and cleaner look of the kitchen and the modules can be customized to suit various available spaces of different sizes. Today most kitchens in Dubai and other emirates such as Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Abu Dhabi are built in this way instead of the traditional kitchen designs. Here are the smart modular kitchen designs in Dubai that provide optimum functionality along with aesthetics:

modular kitchen design

  • Vision by Pininfarina Design – If you are looking for a clean design and neat geometrically fluid design then the Vision modular kitchen design at Snaidero Kitchens is going to fit the bill perfectly. This popular kitchen design in UAE can be adjusted to fit the space you have and give a feeling of pure warmth. The sleek metal design that has been used throughout and integrates a black aluminum trim-handle door with 30° bevel with knurling detail. The worktop of this design also has a pop-up block that includes one USB charger point as well as two schuko plugs.
  • Ola 20 by Pininfarina Design – The inspiring kitchen design of Ola 20 is so ergonomically perfect that you can work in and around the kitchen without ever feeling obstructed or hassled. The design is stylish and has curved lines and very luxurious. The signature Island and peninsula leg support will be the first thing that will stand out to you and it is available in light wood, dark wood, and carbon fiber depending on your taste. The worktop uses space very efficiently with the curved ergonomic design with equal attention given to style and function.
  • Kelly by Iosa Ghini Design – This cabinetry line is perfect if your heart craves to have a traditional European feel in the kitchen without compromising on the modern functionality. The ornate design of the modular kitchen cabinets is what gives Kelly a unique design and a warm expansive feel. The corner decorations are especially liked by the homeowners, which are customized to lacquered surfaces in matt and gloss finish.
  • Heritage Iosa Ghini Design – The kitchen design speaks volumes about class with the warm wood finish with a timeless design that has been set into the Italian culture. This is a highly flexible design that can look good in a variety of Dubai homes. The design is very cozy and has a familiar feel to it that can be found in the kitchen of country homes with large families and a lot of happy memories.

modular kitchen designs

As always all these best modular kitchen designs and many more are completely customizable with the Snaidero Kitchen Design and if you wish you can get a free consultation with us by simply giving us a call at +971 42944803. Our consultants would love to meet you and discuss how we can create a personalized Italian modular kitchen at your home.

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