5 Small Kitchen Design Trends in Dubai that will be huge in 2020/2021

Owning a house in Dubai is a dream that many of us have. The houses in Dubai are in fact known for their architecture and unique kitchen designs. Even if you have a small kitchen in the house, you can get a chic design for the same. The modern small kitchen design ideas are focused on making the most out of the available space while keeping it all neat and tidy.

The kitchen designs also look at the changing functionality of a kitchen from a functional area to a shared social space. Although the smaller space available makes it challenging for the kitchen designers, but with a clear focus and careful planning a kitchen designer can fit in a lot with these small kitchen design trends to make your kitchen future ready for 2020/2021.

small kitchen design

  1.  Compact is the name of the game – The first and most important trend that has been observed in the small kitchen design idea is the trend of minimalist kitchens. The very obvious constraint of a small kitchen space translated into designers employing methods of reducing bland space, concealing shelves and making optimum utilization of space. The modern kitchen is now equipped with just the essential appliances and keeping the clutter away.
  2.  Smart decor – The smaller Dubai houses and apartments which have a small kitchen need a smart approach for themed decor. For simplicity it is recommended to stick with monochromatic themes with a single color or one dominant color and a shades of the same.
  3.  White or light colored surfaces – This kind of decor provides a sense of expansion and makes the area look bigger. Although white can be difficult to manage for some of the Dubai residents however it will definitely make the place look much bigger.
  4.  Lighting – The best way to ensure the kitchen’s functionality is not compromised; is to go for bright direct diffused lighting.  Since many small kitchen design in Dubai have access to the natural light, you may consider the direction of the cooking range  in such a way that it can take advantage of the sunlight from outside.
  5.  Consider a foldable dining – If the cabinets are not enough for you to hide the clutter, do consider a dining facility which can  be put away when it is not in use. This will end up saving you a lot of walking and working space without eating away the  useful  space. According to the best small kitchen designs in UAE, the usability should be the prime concern when designing a  small  kitchen.

small kitchen design trends

There are various other considerations which are dictating the future trends for small kitchen design in 2020. The Dubai residents can also benefit by seeing some great options and consulting an expert in Small Kitchen Design with us at Snaidero Kitchens. Our team of kitchen design experts can provide a lot of insights and great ideas to make your small kitchen area beautiful. Visit our showroom at – Office 1, 1st floor, Indigo Central 8, Al Manara, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai – to view through the exhibition of modern kitchen design models. Fix your appointment today, call us – +971 42944803.

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