9 Simple Kitchen Design Tips that Make a
Big Impact

Good kitchen design is as much a work of art as it is a definite science. As you experiment with different styles and elements to create a simple kitchen design that speaks volumes about your taste and preferences, you can use some handy design tips to elevate your kitchen design style to new heights. Here you go with 9 simple kitchen design planning tips that can guide you through the process of designing your dream kitchen.

simple kitchen design

  1.  Use warm colors – To give your kitchen a feel of a place which welcomes people for smaller social gathering and easy conversation, try incorporating warm colors such as yellow and its shades. You can go to painting a wall or using a shade of yellow on the worktop. Accessories in copper or rose gold also work wonders instead of plain stainless steel.
  2.  Glass doors for cabinets – Try to create a more expansive feel in the kitchen by using glass or better still frosted glass cabinets. Add some lighting inside the cabinets for better functionality and a classier appearance.
  3.  Go for larger floor tiles – With larger floor tiles you can make the place look larger than what it is. It also makes the maintenance of the floor easier to carry out.
  4.  No more cabinet handles – The clean and sleek look of your kitchen will not be the same with ornate shiny handles. Avoid them altogether by getting pop up or recessed handles for a simple kitchen design layout.
  5.  Two-tone finish in cabinets – If you have base cabinets below the work surface, and wall cabinets on top, differentiate their color to add the illusion of space to your kitchen. It works especially well for smaller kitchens.
  6.  Go for layered lighting – Layered lighting in the kitchen creates better illumination and gets rid of the ugly dark corners in the room. Go for some designer pendant lights to add a bit of flavor to the look of your kitchen.
  7.  Lights below the cabinets – By adding some lighting under the cabinets, you can focus on the areas such as the chopping board and sink for improving the functionality. It also makes the place look stylish.
  8.  Install the organizers – Your kitchen shelf can turn into a mess if you do not add organizers and partitions to designate the place of each item. It is especially useful if you are storing crockery safely so that they don’t topple over.
  9.  Add a rug – Adding a rug to the kitchen floor can make it feel more homely and inviting. Go for bold colors and complementary color themes to make it stand out.

simple kitchen design tips

These best simple kitchen design ideas can work wonders to add style and functional ease to your kitchen without breaking the bank. At Snaidero Kitchen Design, you can find many useful and effective simple kitchen design ideas. You can contact us by calling our simple kitchen design consultant at +971 42944803. We specialize in providing the best simple kitchen design in Dubai which exude style and class.

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