Sensible ways to add greenery to your kitchen

Green is not only a vivacious color but it also connects you with nature. You will become emotionally wholesome if you are connected with nature. That’s why people are using green colors while decorating their homes. If you also want to incorporate outdoor nature into your home, then you should have an adequate idea of how modern kitchens are utilizing greenery to transform their looks. To make an attractive kitchen design, you can incorporate greenery into it and give it a natural look.

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Here we are going to mention how you can add greenery to your kitchen for amazing kitchen design.

Vertical herb garden

These days, vertical indoor gardens are quite popular if your space is limited. This type of garden helps you to grow fresh herbs in your kitchen irrespective of having spacious outdoors. You can either opt for a wider green wall or you can go for potted plants to make them look more subtle. You need to place those pots properly in your kitchen so that those herbs can be easily accessed while cooking.

Horizontal garden in your kitchen

To make your kitchen modish, you can also opt for a horizontal garden in the wall of your kitchen. This type of garden will keep the exotic look of your kitchen minimal yet makes it enchanting. You can create a horizontal garden under a window or in the part of the splashes. This style will rock when you use a spectrum of plant textures for tons of striking contrasts. The soothing colors and minimal textures make this horizontal garden the most attractive place in your kitchen.

Vertical garden on a wooden plank

If you want to slightly alter the look of your vertical garden in a rustic way, then you can go for this attractive kitchen design. The recycled wood will give you an attractive yet natural view. This unique design permits you to add a label to each herb so that you can observe its growth in the special area of ​​the vertical garden. Writing the names of the herbs is also beneficial for the functional aspect.

Hanging plants in pots

Do you want to create a conventional look for your kitchen? Then, you must use pots hanging from the ceiling (without impacting your kitchen space) to decorate your kitchen. This is the utmost way by which you can add more greenery to your kitchen. The hanging potted plants will uplift the space and decoration of your kitchen. By incorporating hanging pots into your kitchen, you can get a pastoral and natural look. Though this type of garden works with any decorative style, it works the best with a rustic style kitchen design. To make the look a little bit cohesive, you can also place some potted plants on kitchen counters. The natural feeling will be simply breathtaking.

These are some open kitchen design ideas where you can meticulously add greenery to accentuate the look of your kitchen.

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