Rising Kitchen Design Trends That are Going
to be Huge in 2021

Almost all of us have spent quite a lot of time in our kitchen in 2020, more than ever. Since we couldn’t go out often because of COVID-19, our frequent visits to the kitchen got higher. Some of us have even learned to prepare new dishes, while others have improved their culinary skills. This has also raised the want of improving the kitchen designs, among many people.

If you too have been thinking along the lines of researching some kitchen design trends, you may want to consider the following most used kitchen design trends ideas of the past years that are expected to hit big in 2021.

kitchen design trends

  • Wood finish: Woodwork was out of fashion for some time; however, it has gained its comeback recently. It is one of the attractive kitchen design trend ideas that you will never regret opting for. The tones have changed a bit though. You can go for subtle-grained ash or a tone that is paler than walnut or oak.
  • Marble: Heavily veined marble has its own beauty which cannot be ignored. It is durable as well as sustainable. And once you install marble countertops in the kitchen, you do not have to worry for several years. Even if you have a kitchen island, you can get marble installed on its top. It is one of the elegant kitchen design trend ideas which will only enhance the look of your kitchen.
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  • Dark walls: Dark walls look elegant and no one can deny that. And as you go for unique kitchen design trend ideas, you can be bold enough to choose one such color for the walls of your kitchen. While you are choosing a dark color for the walls, make sure the floor is wooden. This will create a rustic look.
  • Colorful: If you are the carefree kind and like keeping your world colorful, you can add different bright colors to your kitchen. Do not hesitate before adding colors, as often these colors will help in uplifting your mood. Creating a coherent theme limits the number of colors to three.
  • Double islands: Do you have a large kitchen space? If yes, you can simply go for double islands. This will not only help you do your kitchen chores easily but also add luxury to your kitchen.
  • Pendent lights: No matter what you do, if you do not add the right types of lights to the kitchen, all your hard work will be in vain. If you have enough space, you install some really nice pendent lights in your kitchen. And adding one right above the kitchen island makes it look super elegant.
  • Pantries: Getting a pantry in the kitchen will help you keep things organized. You would be minimizing the chances of letting the kitchen get disorganized as with a pantry in the kitchen, you will never see things scattered on the counters of the kitchen.

kitchen design trends

The above trends are likely to continue well into 2020 as the top trends in Italian kitchen design. To have a better understanding of the various option that may work for you, we at Snaidero Kitchens Design, can help bring to life your dream Italian kitchen. Schedule an appointment with our team of Kitchen Design consultants today, by calling us at +971 42944803.

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