Practical Open Kitchen Designs Ideas
For Small Homes

Homes whether small or big, have a special connection with the life of the family that resides in it. For that reason, it needs to be designed in a way that the people living in it can live in total safety, comfort, and ease. Many people however can’t afford to have a huge place these days due to the rising prices of real estate and therefore they have to manage their lives in a more confined space. Even without the luxury of space, you can create a beautiful and pragmatic open kitchen for a small home with thoughtful design. These are some great open kitchen design ideas that can help you beautify and design your open kitchen for utmost function and style.

Open Kitchen Design

    • Think in terms of zones – When choosing the open kitchen design, you need to designate areas that would function as the eating, cooking, and prep area. Then you can start thinking in terms of modules accommodating pull out drawers, cabinets, cooking range, shelves, and many more.
    • Use white and other lighter shades – Using the white color on the worktop, cabinets and other surfaces creates the illusion of space and makes the open kitchen look slightly bigger than it already is. The darker colors especially black has just the opposite effect.
    • Go for an Island – If the kitchen design allows for it, you can always go for an Island to increase the area of work. It also helps in creating a room break with minimal interruptions to the flow of the room. The Islands are also great if you are worried about blocking off the flow of light in the room or need more storage space as it comes with a big set of cupboards, pull out drawers, and more.
    • Extend the worktop into the dining – Create a room for a small dining space by extending the kitchen worktop and placing tables. It is a great place for informal and relaxed meals with minimum setup and a great breakfast bar if you need one.
    • Choose the right seating – The right seating is of great importance as you need to go for lean and high seating to manage the leg space better. Stools and bar stool like seating plan works well as the kitchen islands are higher set than the typical dining tables for better functionality.
    • Choose decorative lighting – Go for non-traditional lighting decorative lighting as the open kitchen has more space than the traditional kitchen and therefore you can get more innovative with your lighting. The Dubai homes usually have plenty of sunlight which can be effectively used when designing an open kitchen in Dubai.

Open Kitchen Design Ideas

When considering an open kitchen for your Dubai home, it’s a good idea to first look at options and refer to some of the open kitchen guides. The Snaidero Kitchen Designs are well-suited to execute the open kitchen idea in Dubai based homes. We have some of the most pragmatic and effective kitchen designs in Dubai. You can contact our consultants who can help you make the right choice considering your overall home design and requirements.

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