Pocket-Friendly Countertop Designs For Your Dubai Kitchen

We all want a kitchen that brings a lot of appreciation to us, don’t we? However, not all of us can drain our hard-earned money from the bank account. Does that mean we have to settle with whatever we have even if it does not look that great? Well, no, not at all! All that you need to do is to check out the kitchen countertops in Dubai that are affordable. The next thing that you must be certain about is the kitchen renovation cost. Once you know the renovation cost, you will get an idea of the money that you would have to put in to make your kitchen look gorgeous. Let us discuss the various types of countertops that can be well within your budget.

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Black Shalestone

If you really want that high-end look when it comes to countertops, let it be black shalestone. The color actually is deep charcoal gray and black accent patterns on them. It also comes with a high-resolution laminate. This is one of the most affordable options which look totally classy.

Pure White

If you want to get a touch of luxury for your kitchen, you can opt for pure white countertops. If your kitchen has big windows, the white countertops will look even better as the sunlight comes in. To make it look even gorgeous, you can go for the glossy finish.

Raw Edge Countertop

If you are a fan of the rustic look, you can go for a natural wood slab. The raw edge will bring a natural look to the kitchen and looks very stylish. To get this done, you can get the wood from local millwork shops. If you want to contact the experts for this, all the help that you would need is for the other stuff that has to be brought to make the kitchen stand out.

Calacatta Marble

This option is mostly known for its high durability, high resolution, and being stain resistant and premium in quality. Going for a natural marble can cost you a lot, while this is an affordable option that gives the desirable look.

Watercolor-Inspired Laminate

As you get this countertop, your kitchen will look like a handcrafted work of art. This option is one of a kind and comes with a flowing watercolor pattern. It is super easy to maintain this countertop and quite easy on pockets.

Quartz Concrete

If you thought concrete was the most durable, you must try Quartz concrete. It is non-porous and non-absorbable. If you are a busy bee who cannot spare much time to maintain the countertop, you must go for polished Quartz than a rough Quartz finish.

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Each of these options is available at reasonable prices. However, if you want more information and clarity on the designs and their prices, you can contact the kitchen designer in Dubai, Snaidero Kitchen Designs. Their experts will guide you through the various designs that you can opt for your kitchen. If you want to contact them, you can give them a call at +97142944803.

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